Gabriela Schloesser was eliminated on Thursday in the eighth finals of the archery at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The Dutch had no chance against Lisa Barbelin.

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The 27-year-old Schloesser went down 6-0.

She lost the three sets 24-21, 28-26 and 29-24 respectively.

The Mexican-born Schloesser shot an arrow into the five points in both the first and third set, making it almost impossible for her to win those sets.

Schloesser had still won her first match in the individual tournament.

She was too strong for Svetlana Gomboeva via a shoot-off.

Schloesser shot her arrow into the nine, while Gomboeva scored eight points.

Of the five sets that both women played before, three ended in a draw.

Steve Wijler will be in action later in the day in the first round of his individual tournament.

He then plays against Slawomir Naploszek from Poland.

Wijler and Schloesser won the silver together on Saturday in the mixed teams competition.

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