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"I will have to retire in Asia,"



when he is reminded of the precedents, Beijing (the 2008 Games, his debut, and the last World Cup, MVP) and now Tokyo, serene in the mixed zone, despite the fact that he has just signed another planetary exhibition, his scoring record with Spain.

Ricky and Doncic

, the two proper names in Olympic basketball, so dominant they overshadow everything else. Doncic and Ricky, like two cowboys meeting in the sun at OK Corral, next Sunday (10:20 am), face to face with everything at stake in Saitama.

Because Spain and Slovenia, absolute dominators of the group, want to be first, jackpot. Thus avoiding the US, Australia and France in quarters, which is almost like escaping a sentence. And deal with Italy or Germany, less fierce. How do you stop Doncic? And how do you stop Ricky?

"He's being the most decisive player in the tournament and we have a good job ahead of us," concedes the base of the Wolves, who denies that of


. Cutting. "Not at all. You like to say that. But in basketball there are many details that are not noticed in the statistics and without them we would not win. My scoring can be highlighted, but also the offensive fouls that we have forced,



another Once ... A national team is not a player. And we could say the same of Slovenia with Doncic, although in his case he has a very high percentage of influence ", reasoned Rubio, putting in value even the hugs or the" let's go "from the bench. in those things that are not seen and that are as important as his triples, five,that equate to










in some Games.


By domain and by numbers, Ricky and Doncic.

The Spanish, amazing from the triple (six of eight in two games), scorer (23 on average) as never and assistant as always (6.5).

The Slovenian, even further, although he monopolizes much more ball and his defense has little to do with it.

36.5 points on average, he scored 18 of his 22 shots of two, with nine rebounds and six assists per night, but also 2.5 blocks.

A while before Spain, the Mavs flirted with an Olympic triple-double that only

Alexander Belov

(Montreal 1976) and

LeBron James

(London 2012)

boast about


And, more data that is not seen so much, those announced by Scariolo.

"What strikes me the most is not so much Doncic's numbers, but the feeling that they seem unbeatable with him. Luka has not lost a game with the national team. He is a winner who drags a good team. It will be interesting," he predicts.

"He is at his NBA level. They said that he could not do the same at FIBA ​​and they did not know that Luka has that talent to adapt to any type of competition. He is dominating and his teammates are helping him a lot so that he can do it,"



. another who smiles, taking advantage of every minute on the track that Scariolo grants him.

"It will also be difficult for them to stop everything that we have," he challenges.

And those virtues from the national team are summarized by


in "defense, rebounding and not losing balls. And in two pillars that are

Ricky and Marc

; the rest of us have to go down to the mud".

But also in the proper name that it is impossible to ignore.

"I do not know if you saw the World Cup two years ago, it was exhibition after exhibition of Ricky. He continues in that line, it is a pleasure to see him play. And a pleasure to play with him, because it makes his teammates better."

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