In the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympic Swimming Men's 200m Individual Medley, Daiya Seto finished 3rd overall and Kosuke Hagino 6th overall.

Seto, who participated in the first qualifying group, marked 1: 56.86 and finished third overall in the finals for the first time in this tournament.

In addition, Hagino, who won the silver medal for the first time in this event in the previous Rio de Janeiro tournament, participated in the two qualifying groups, marking 1'57.47 and deciding to advance to the final in 6th place overall.

The final of the men's 200m individual medley will be held after 11:00 am on the 30th.

Daiya Seto "Believe in what you have done"

Immediately after the race, Seto said, "I was idle in the first half of the qualifying yesterday, so I was conscious of going comfortably in the first half and increasing the pace in the second half. It was scary to go slowly, "he recalled.

Then, toward the final on the 30th, "I want to start aggressively from the first half and raise it to the point where I can do it in the second half. I believe that I have come and I am conscious of being able to swim 100% in this event. I want to make sure that I have another chance. "

Seto "Routine" changed semi-final race

Seto finally grabbed the final in the last men's 200m individual medley of the three events he participated in this tournament.

He said, "I haven't completely removed the limiter," and the strength of the game that exerts its power on the big stage was hidden, but in order to regain a dull intuition, I changed my usual "routine" in the semi-finals. rice field.

That is "remove headphones".

In the past, when I entered, I listened to music and shut out the surroundings to improve my concentration, but in the semi-final on the 29th, I dared to listen to the surrounding sounds at the tense convening place, and the rivals breathed. I decided to entrust myself to the atmosphere of the venue.

Seto, who advanced to the final with a different routine than usual, said in an interview after the race, "I hadn't enjoyed the race until now, but I finally got rid of it. Finally, I was able to make a race that I was satisfied with." I showed a relieved expression for the first time.

Kosuke Hagino “The final is a gift of God, really happy”

Hagino said, "I was able to come this far with the support of many people, so I wasn't sure if I could advance to the finals, but today I want to swim myself and give back to the race. I was so happy that God gave me such a great gift to go to the final, "he said with tears.

Regarding the final, "I think tomorrow's wind will blow. I'm happy to be able to swim with Seto. Above all, I had a strong desire to swim in front of Mr. Hirai, who has been instructed, so tomorrow. I'll do my best. "