At the Tokyo Olympics, the shooting trap was held on the second day of qualifying for men and women, with Shigetaka Oyama for men in 29th place and Yukie Nakayama for women in 19th place, and did not advance to the finals.

The shooting trap is an event to compete for the number of shots of targets called clays released in the air, and 25 clays are released per qualifying round.

The qualifying will be held for two days, and the top six players will advance to the final with a total score of five rounds.

From Japan, Oyama, a boy, and Nakayama, a girl, participated as a couple.

On the 29th, the second day of qualifying, two rounds were held, and Oyama, the boy who participated in the Olympics for the first time, was 115 points out of 125 points, which was the lowest 29th place out of 29 people.

In addition, the female player Nakayama, who will participate for the fifth time, scored 115 points out of 125 points, up five places from the 28th, and ranked 19th out of 26 people.

As a result, neither Oyama nor Nakayama were able to advance to the final of the top six players on the 29th.