Daiki Hashimoto, who won the men's individual all-around gymnastics.

The 19-year-old, who has grown rapidly over the past year, has inherited the tradition of gymnastics Japan, which has emphasized the all-around of all six events.

The new ace, who defeated the world champions and won the gold medal, was already looking at his next goal.

The individual general final on the 28th.

Hashimoto rode the first event, Yuka, and the following pommel horse without major mistakes, and took the lead when he finished the second event.

However, the technique planned for the third type of ring was not certified and remained in the 13-point range.

The landing was disturbed even by the vault that continued, and it was the fifth parallel bar in 4th place after Xiao Ruoteng of China who won the 2017 world championship, 2019 world champion, Nikita Nagornyy of the Russian Olympic Committee It has entered.

The flow was getting worse, but with this parallel bar, I decided one after another beautiful handstands and techniques that did not shake my posture, marking a high score of 15.300.

It has regained momentum again.

Originally, parallel bars weren't my specialty, but last winter, I thoroughly refined the beauty of my technique from scratch, raised it to a calculable event, and demonstrated its results in situations where pressure was applied on the big stage.

At this point, he was in third place with a 0.467 difference over the top player, Xiao, and faced the horizontal bar, which he is good at.

Hashimoto started acting with the idea that "If you don't make a mistake, you will have a gold medal, but let's perform a memorable performance instead of the color of the medal." rice field.

For "Gymnastics Japan", which has emphasized the all-around of the 6th event, this event is the 7th gold medal of the Olympic Games after Sawao Kato and Koji Gushiken, following Kohei Uchimura of the London and Rio de Janeiro Games. It was the third consecutive victory for the Japanese team.

Hashimoto has taken a step forward as an ace of gymnastics Japan, but after the competition, he expressed some regret.

"After all, I wanted to win a gold medal in a group."

Uchimura once said, "There is no medal heavier than a gold medal in a group," and said that it is the most precious medal for gymnastics Japan.

Director Hisashi Mizutori also said, "Today's Hashimoto was the moment when he became the strongest all-rounder in the world, carrying Japan on his back." I'm excited to be the strongest team in the world with Kitazono, who was in 5th place, "he said.

As an ace to replace Uchimura, it will be interesting to see how far Hashimoto will push Japan up by overcoming the new pressure and suffering.