Yuki Hashioka, a men's long jumper, said, "I'm excited at the first Olympics. I want to do my best to win the medal as the lowest goal" before the athletics of the Tokyo Olympics starts on the 30th. rice field.

On land, before the competition started on the 30th, the athletes entered the Olympic Village in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, and three athletes, including the men's long jump Hashioka, attended the press conference.

Men's long jump Hashioka "Excited at the first Olympics"

Hashioka is doing well, marking his personal best of 8 meters and 36 centimeters at the Japan Championships last month, and he is expected to be on the podium.

Hashioka said, "I'm excited that the first Olympics will start. There are many overseas athletes in the Olympic Village, and I felt that I came to the Olympics in a space that is not Japan even though it is Japan, and I was tightened. I said.

And for the tournament, he strongly said, "I want to keep going from the qualifying. I want to do what I can do from here with the minimum goal of winning medals."

Women's javelin throw North Exit "I'm getting better and better"

In addition, Haruka Kitaguchi, the Japanese record holder for women's javelin throw, who will also participate for the first time, said, "I feel that my condition is getting better and better, so I would like to make adjustments until the day of the competition. I've been here for a long time, so I'd like to do my best to make it happen. "

Men's 10,000m from Fukushima Aizawa "The goal is the same 6th place as Mr. Tsuburaya"

Akira Aizawa from Sukagawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, who will participate in the men's 10,000-meter final, which will be the first final event on land, said, "I want to believe in myself and run the best. Mr. Kokichi Marutani from his hometown won the 6th place in the previous Tokyo tournament, so I would like to do my best with that goal. "

When asked about his feelings for the locals affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, he said, "I have a special feeling for the reconstruction Olympics. I hope I can run with courage and excitement."

At the National Athletics Stadium and Sapporo City

On land, track and field events will be held at the National Stadium, marathons and racewalking will be held in Sapporo City, and a fierce battle will be held for 10 days from the 30th to the 8th of next month, the final day of the competition.