As the infection of the new coronavirus spreads rapidly mainly in Tokyo, a spokesman for the IOC = International Olympic Committee said at a press conference on the 29th that the possibility of the spread of the infection caused by the people involved in the Games was negative. I showed my thoughts.

While the Tokyo Olympics are being held, the number of infections in Tokyo was confirmed to be 3,177, the highest number ever, on the 28th, and the rapid expansion continues.

Under these circumstances, IOC spokeswoman Mark Adams said at a press conference, "We are the most inspected community, and we also restrict going out in the Olympic Village. We are spreading the infection to Tokyo. I don't think there is any. "

Three of the people involved in the tournament in Japan were hospitalized

In addition, Masanori Takaya, a spokesperson for the Organizing Committee, is a person involved in the Games who came to Japan from overseas. Of the 89 people who have been confirmed to be infected so far, 3 have been hospitalized, and 2 are still hospitalized. It was revealed that it was inside.

"I know there are concerns that the Tokyo Olympics are affecting medical care, but in fact the impact is minimal," he said.