Deep once | How did Zhu Ting hurt her wrist?

Why is there no surgical treatment?

  The Paper Journalist Pu Yaolei and Ma Zuoyu from Tokyo

  "Look up," Lang Ping said, making the women's volleyball girl and the Chinese reporters present a moment of sorrow.

  After losing 2 to 3 against Russia, the Chinese women's volleyball team did not win a match in the first three games of the Tokyo Olympics and has already reached the edge of the precipice of group elimination.

  The reason why it is so difficult to win is due to the injury of the core attacker Zhu Ting.

After the third game, Lang Ping reluctantly said: "Her ball is playing with a grin when she opens the net a little bit. Basically, she doesn't dare to reach out for the block."

  So what happened to Zhu Ting's wrist injury?

Why was there no timely treatment before?

Some netizens have even put Zhu Ting's wrist and Liu Xiang's Achilles tendon together to discuss...

  4 years, planted a "time bomb"

  Zhu Ting's wrist injury has a long history.

  Earlier, according to Chinese women's volleyball coach An Jiajie, as early as 2017 during the overseas Super League, Zhu Ting accidentally hit the ground and caused a wrist injury, which left the root of the disease.

  Since then, wrist injuries have become a "time bomb" buried in Zhu Ting's body.

  In the 2019 Women's Volleyball World Club Cup, Zhu Ting, who represented Tianjin, showed signs of recurrence of her wrist injury. During the timeout, the team doctor also wrapped adhesive tape on Zhu Ting's wrist.

  At that time, the fans could also see some painful expressions on Zhu Ting's face during the spiking attack.

  A detail at the post-match press conference was: When answering questions, although the microphone was on her right hand, Zhu Ting still stretched out her left hand to reach for the microphone.

  "(Right wrist) is still very painful now. I think it may be an old injury. Fans who care about me should know that the previous game has always been to protect the wrist."

  Later, during the 2019 Women's Volleyball World Cup, Zhu Ting also suffered from an old right wrist injury at the end of the first stage of the game, and once put on protective gloves.

  But Zhu Ting did not rest for too long. After treatment, she chose to persist and helped Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team win the 2019-2020 season volleyball Super League championship.

At that time, Zhu Ting, who came back in the semifinals of the Volleyball Super League, once again wrapped a thick bandage on her right wrist, which made the fans feel distressed.

  In September 2020, the Chinese women's volleyball national team players returned to their home team to rest. It is reported that Zhu Ting, who went home, also brought an order not to touch the ball-the goal is to completely recover the wrist that had been injured many times before.

  Why is there no surgical treatment?

  For Zhu Ting, the extra year of the Olympic postponement can also give the wrist rest to some extent, but it is very embarrassing in time to completely cure the wrist injury.

  After suffering a three-game losing streak at the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping told The Paper: “In fact, we have been giving her conservative treatment last year because we originally wanted to prepare for the Olympics, but suddenly the Olympics were not played (postponed). The surgery is too late, so we have been conservatively treated. She didn't play much in the World League (held from the end of May to the beginning of June)."

  In other words, Zhu Ting's wrist injury has not been treated with surgery, so rest alone cannot completely recover her injury.

  However, some netizens also raised questions-"The Tokyo Olympics will be postponed in March 2020, so at that time Zhu Ting will be operated on immediately. Isn't she able to recover in more than a year?"

  Netizens' doubts are not unreasonable, but they have overlooked one point-the team's running-in problem.

In order to maintain the competitive state and training rhythm of herself and the entire team, it is really difficult for Zhu Ting to completely recuperate and undergo surgery when the Olympics are approaching.

  "I think it's surprising that Zhu Ting's injury is so severe. We have been giving her conservative treatment. We looked at it as okay, but a single shot would not work." Lang Ping said.

  "(Against Russia's Zhu Ting) No, I think she opened the net a little bit, just grinning, and basically didn't dare to reach out for the block."

  Time is running out for the women's volleyball team?

  Suddenly losing the most critical player in the most critical competition, the Chinese women's volleyball team's Olympic journey is already in jeopardy.

  Lang Ping said that whether Zhu Ting will play in the next two games depends on the doctor's opinion and the results of his communication with Zhu Ting.

But what can be expected is that even if Zhu Ting insists on playing with injuries again, it will be difficult for fans to see her in her peak state.

  The current Chinese women's volleyball team, not only Zhu Ting, but also the 34-year-old veteran Yan Ni.

In the match against Russia, she did not play in the last three games of the team...

  At present, the first three games of the group stage are completely defeated, which means that the Chinese women's volleyball team needs to win the next two games to keep the hope of promotion-even if it wins completely, it still depends on the faces of other teams, and it is still possible to lose because of small points. .

  In the next game, the team will face the powerful Italian women's volleyball team.

In the first three rounds, Italy won Russia 3-0, Turkey 3-1, and Argentina 3-0.

In the current state, it is extremely difficult for the Chinese women's volleyball team to win.

  But in any case, it is not yet time to admit defeat.

  "We still have to prepare seriously. Italy is stronger than Russia, so we have to face it seriously and complete every game well." Lang Ping said.

  After losing to Russia, she deliberately asked the women's volleyball girls to "raise their heads": "Everyone is sad and very heavy, but victory or defeat is commonplace. Although losing on important occasions, it cannot be said that winning is high Raise your head and lose your head when you lose."

  "I think everyone works very hard. We are playing a kind of sportsmanship, so when we lose, we have to raise our heads."