Good afternoon and welcome to this live blog.

My name is Willem Haak and I will keep you informed about the sixth day of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

  • Day Six:

  • The Netherlands breaks 93-year-old record

  • Silver Dumoulin in time trial

  • Judoka Van Dijke wins bronze

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Olympic Games · in 4 days

Thus the historic sixth day has come to an end.

We've all seen this today:

  • The Netherlands broke a 93-year-old record and captured no fewer than eight Olympic medals in one day

  • Van Vleuten took gold in the women's time trial

  • Van der Breggen finished third and took bronze

  • Dumoulin captured silver in the men's time trial

  • The Dutch team fished in four medals in rowing

  • Van Dijke took a hard-fought bronze medal in judo

Tomorrow there will be plenty of medal opportunities again.

Water polo · in 4 days


The water polo women win!


With the win, a spot in the next round is almost secured.

Water polo · in 4 days

14-13 for the Netherlands!

Just over twenty seconds left to play.

Water polo · in 4 days

Oh dear.

The Spanish women make 13-13.

59 seconds left.

Water polo · in 4 days

Another 1.15 minutes.

The Netherlands is ahead: 13-12.

Just a little longer and the first victory at this Olympic tournament is in.

Water polo · in 4 days

Still 2.40 minutes to play in the water polo.

The standings?


Water polo · in 4 days

Water polo is very exciting.

For the time being, the Netherlands does not get further than 8-8 against the Spanish water polo women.

Olympic Games · in 4 days

Another corona case with the Dutch team: an assistant of rowing coach Josy Verdonkschot has tested positive for the corona virus.

This is reported by the NOS.

It is already the seventh corona case within 'TeamNL'.

Verdonkschot previously tested positive and is in quarantine.

It also concerns skateboarder Candy Jacobs, taekwondoka Reshmie Oogink, rower Finn Florijn, tennis player Jean-Julien Rojer and a staff member of the rowing team.

Dressage · in 4 days


No medal for Edward Gal and his Total Us.

The duo is currently fourth with a score of 84.300.

Dressage · in 4 days

After two periods it is equal in water polo: Netherlands 5-5 Spain.

Dressage · in 4 days

It's Edward Gal and Total Us' turn.

Can the duo win a medal?

At the 2016 Olympics, the entire Dutch dressage team went home without a medal.

No medal was won this year either.

It's up to Gal and Total Us to change that.

In any case, a better score than 84,300 is needed for the bronze.

Dressage · in 4 days

Edward Gal and his horse Total Us will soon have to deliver a fantastic performance to stand a chance of first place in dressage.

The Danish Dufour/Bohemian combination achieved an excellent score with 87,507.

Water polo · in 4 days

The Dutch water polosters are ahead against Spain in the second quarter: 5-3.

Olympic Games · in 4 days

The couple also congratulates Abe Wiersma, Dirk Uittenbogaard, Koen Metsemakers and Tone Wieten, the rowers who together form the men's doubles.

"And in an exciting final, the men rowed double to gold and a new world record. Congratulations on this fantastic team performance."

Olympic Games · in 4 days

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima congratulated cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten and the male rowers on their gold medal.

"We especially congratulate Annemiek van Vleuten on her gold medal in the time trial. With focus and strength she achieved a brilliant victory," the couple wrote in a statement on social media.

Dressage · in 4 days

Even more medal chances for the Netherlands: at 1.20 pm Edward Gal will compete in dressage with his pair of Total Us.

Water polo · in 4 days

The water polo women have started their second group match at these Olympic Games.

The team has to recover from the defeat against Australia against Spain.

Swimming · in 4 days

Swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo has got stuck in the 100 meter freestyle series.

The London 2012 Olympic champion should have been swimming a swim-off after her disappointing time of 53.71 seconds in the series, but 'Kromo' decided against it.

The thirty-year-old Groningen will focus entirely on the 50 free.

Olympic Games · in 4 days

The Netherlands breaks 93-year-old record with eight Olympic medals in one day

Swimming · in 4 days

After a bad run (53,71) at 100, Kromowidjojo reports free for the swim off that she should swim for a place in the semi-finals.

She focuses entirely on 50 free.

This spring she swam 53.13 out of 100 free.


AuthorNatasja WeberMoment of places10: 43 - July 28, 2021

Judo · in 4 days

"I didn't come for the bronze, but after such a match the discharge is great. It doesn't feel like gold, but it is very nice. Getting an Olympic medal has always been my big dream. I'm not wondering anymore. I have fought for this for five years. We have no alcohol in the Olympic village, so we have to wait a little longer before celebrating," said Van Dijke.

Judo · in 4 days

Van Dijke continues: "After the semi-finals, I was frustrated. Then I tried to recharge. I thought about the people I do it for and about my deceased brother. This allowed me to recharge well. During the In the game I already took the hip throw and realized that it was possible. Then I immediately tried it again, felt her toes come off the ground and had it."

Judo · in 4 days

Van Dijke's reaction after taking the bronze medal: "This medal feels like gold. It is extremely hard fought. In the semi-final I lost due to a mistake. This match was - physically and mentally - perhaps the toughest match of my life. When it came to 2-2 in penalties, faith came. Fortunately, I close it winning."

Judo · in 4 days

Sanne van Dijke provides the first judo medal at these Olympic Games.

A great achievement!

Judo · in 4 days



Bronze for Van Dijke!!!

Judo · in 4 days

7.30 minutes on the clock in the golden score.

What a battle of attrition.

It has to be willpower for Van Dijke.

Judo · in 4 days

A punishment for Scoccimarro.

It's her second.

The German is now also on edge.

Judo · in 4 days

Van Dijke keeps the initiative.

Scoccimarro follows.

Judo · in 4 days

Six minutes on the clock in the golden score.

Judo · in 4 days

Both judokas get a punishment.

For Scoccimarro it is the first.

Van Dijke has two and is now on edge.

It's over by the third penalty.

Judo · in 4 days

It's a marathon party.

Van Dijke and Scoccimarro are evenly matched.

Judo · in 4 days

The golden score has already been going on for four minutes.

It's very exciting.

Van Dijke was just close to scoring, but Scoccimarro narrowly parried.

Judo · in 4 days

Van Dijke seems to be increasingly taking over the initiative.

Judo · in 4 days

The golden score has been underway for 2.30 minutes.

It's a war of attrition.

A lot is at stake: a bronze medal.

Judo · in 4 days

Scoccimarro has the initiative.

Van Dijke follows.

She must take action.

Judo · in 4 days

Van Dijke gets a penalty.

But there's nothing wrong with that: she can have two of those.

Judo · in 4 days

We're going to the golden score.

From now on, every point is decisive.

Then the duel is immediately over.

Judo · in 4 days

Still no score.

One minute to go.

Both judokas have trouble placing an attack.

It is mainly scanning.

Judo · in 4 days

The duel goes on right away.

After two minutes we still have no score.

Judo · in 4 days

The party has started.

Will Van Dijke take a bronze medal?

Swimming · in 4 days

Femke Heemskerk has qualified for the semi-finals in the 100-meter freestyle.

Naomi Kromowidjojo has shared sixteenth place and is going to a swim-off.

She has to fight in a direct duel with the French Marie Wattel who can go through to the semi-final.

Judo · in 4 days

Sanne van Dijke will soon be in action and can take a bronze medal.

She's up against Giovanna Scoccimarro.

The duel starts in a few minutes.

Gymnastics · in 4 days

Lieke Wevers will still participate in the all-around final in gymnastics tomorrow.

She is the replacement for the injured Ellie Black.

Elsabeth Black 🇨🇦 has withdrawn from Thursday's Women's #ArtisticGymnastics All-Around final.

She will be replaced by Lieke Wevers 🇳🇱 #Tokyo2020 #Olympics


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Dressage · in 4 days

Lobke Berkhout and Afrodite Zegers have not yet been able to convince in their first two appearances in the 470. The duo finished eleventh in the first race and twelfth in the second.

In the standings, the two are also in twelfth place with 23 points.

Dressage · in 4 days

Sailors Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz have won two races in the 49erFX class.

The Dutch duo were victorious in the fourth and sixth races.

In the fifth heat, the pair finished sixth.

In the standings, Bekkering and Duetz are second with eighteen points.

British women Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey lead with thirteen points.

The Spanish duo Tamara Echegoyen Dominguez/Paula Barcelo Martin is third with twenty points.

Dressage · in 4 days

The cure to dressage music has also started.

Hans Peter Minderhoud and his horse Dream Boy scored 80,682.

It's probably not enough for a medal.

Badminton · in 4 days

Victory for Mark Caljouw.

The badminton player is too strong for Sai Praneeth in two sets (21-14, 21-14) and moves on to the eighth finals.

A great achievement.

Cycling · in 4 days

Tom Dumoulin's emotions after winning a silver medal in the time trial.


Dumoulin in tears after getting the silver medal

Judo · in 4 days

Van 't End is very disappointed: "It is unbelievable. I did not expect this. It remains judo. Then it is in the small things. If that goes wrong, you are left empty-handed."

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