Today (29th), the Korean athletes did their best at the Olympics until the end.

We will tell you the news first.

In the judo under 100kg class, Goo-Ham Jo won the silver medal after playing for nearly 10 minutes in the final.

After the final was over, Goo-Ham Jo showed the dignity of a loser by raising his opponent's hand, leaving his regrets behind.

Today's first news, reporter Kwon Jong-oh.


Goo-ham Jo succeeded in successive uplifting, which is his main skill, and he was victorious until the final.

And in the final, they played their first judo match between Korea and Japan.

Goo-Ham Jo continued to fight back and forth with Aaron Wolf of Japan, who is ranked fifth in the world.

9 minutes passed, more than twice the regular time as they exchanged attacks and defenses with each other, and Jo Go-Ham, who had run out of stamina, could not get over the last hurdle, and at the end of a bloody battle of 9 minutes and 35 seconds, he gave out a Andari free kick and was defeated.

Goo-ham Jo bowed his head in deep regret, but showed a beautiful loser who raised his opponent's hand.

[Guham Jo / Silver Medalist in Men's Judo -100kg class: I wanted to relieve my father and mother's work after winning the gold medal, but I had several chances, but it is the most unfortunate that I couldn't save that part.]

Even after the cruciate ligament ruptured just before the last Rio Olympics Goo-ham Jo, who suffered the pain of being eliminated in the round of 16 after forcing himself to compete, stood proudly on the podium after waiting five years.

And the 29-year-old Jo Gooham talked about the challenge again.

[Gu-Ham Jo / Silver Medalist in Men's Judo -100kg: It's too bad to retire after winning a silver medal, so I'm going to try the Paris Olympics.] Goo-Ham

Jo, who was eliminated early in Rio 5 years ago, gave our team the first silver medal in judo in this tournament.

In the women's 78kg class, Hyun-ji Yoon, who returned from shoulder surgery, suffered a loss to Agiard of Brazil in the 3rd and 4th place match.

(Video coverage: Ha Ryung, Video editing: Won Yang)

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