The players of the Danish Esbjerg fB have demanded the departure of Peter Hyballa in an open letter on Thursday.

The former trainer of NEC and NAC Breda is said to be guilty of misconduct, in which he openly (sexistically) humiliates players, threatens with dismissals and has his selection train far too hard against all medical advice.

Recently, reports have been circulating in Danish media about the behavior of Hyballa, who has only been employed by Esbjerg since this summer.

The players have had it with the 45-year-old German.

"In our opinion, Peter Hyballa does not have the necessary professional and human qualities to lead us. Unfortunately, we feel it necessary to let it be known that he has lost our respect as a leader and inspirer," the players wrote in the open letter.

Many concrete examples are mentioned by the players in the long letter.

Hyballa would, among other things, cause numerous injuries by having his players train too hard and so attacked a new physiotherapist that he burst into tears.

The trainer would also have called a player too fat for the entire group, even lifting the player's shirt and biting his nipple.

In addition, a member of the coaching staff is said to have photos of the players with bare upper bodies on his phone for unclear reasons.

Furthermore, Hyballa would verbally insult his players and would have beaten an unnamed player twice after a match, showing two red prints on his body.

The Netherlands became acquainted with Peter Hyballa in 2016 when he signed with NEC.

The Netherlands became acquainted with Peter Hyballa in 2016 when he signed with NEC.

Photo: ANP

Esbjerg owner: 'This letter is ridiculous'

For the time being, the players of Esbjerg can count on little sympathy from the club management.

Paul Conway, the American owner of the Danish club, says he has no understanding for the attitude of the selection.

"This is so unprofessional. I have never experienced anything like this. The players should never be the ones who decide who they play under and who their coach is. Peter Hyballa is our coach. We have full confidence in him and will not change anything." he says to



"I spoke to a number of players on Monday and we would talk again on Friday. In the meantime, they suddenly come up with this letter. It's ridiculous. If they want to leave, they have to tell me. Then we will arrange it."

The eccentric Hyballa, who recently debunked rumors from the Danish media about his behavior, had NEC under his wing in the 2016/2017 season.

He could not save the Nijmegen team from relegation from the Eredivisie in that year.

His NAC period started in February 2020 and lasted only five months.

In the past, Hyballa was a youth and assistant coach at several German clubs.

He was also head coach at Alemannia Aachen, Sturm Graz and Wisla Kraków, among others.