Good morning and welcome to this live blog.

My name is Mitch Marinus and I will keep you updated on the seventh day of the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Day seven:

  • 8.00 am: beach volleyball, Tribe/Clean

  • 10.00 am: Steenhuis in judo rematch

  • Second silver for Kamminga

  • No gold but bronze for rowers

  • View the Dutch program here

  • View the full day program here

Hockey a few seconds ago


The Netherlands gives up a 2-0 lead against Great Britain and draws 2-2.

There are also bright spots for national coach Max Caldas: Thierry Brinkman makes a nice first goal and Jip Janssen scores for the first time from a penalty corner.

Hockey a few seconds ago

60' Pole!

Jip Janssen hits the post and in the rebound the Netherlands seems to have to get a penalty corner.

However, the referee does not want that anymore and so it seems that the Netherlands and Great Britain are going to divide the points.

a few seconds ago

Hockey a few seconds ago

60' Penalty corner four!

The ball lands on the body of a Brit.

So is it now?

Hockey a few seconds ago

60 'Another penalty corner!

This time goalkeeper Oliver Payne works the ball dangerously away.

Hockey a few seconds ago

60 'With half a minute left on the clock, the Netherlands gets a new penalty corner.

The train of Jip Janssen comes at the foot of the second spur.

Hockey a few seconds ago

60' Penalty corner Netherlands!

A physical violation just outside the circle and the Netherlands gets a chance in the very last minute to win the match.

Hockey a few seconds ago

58 'The video referee sees no reason to reverse the penalty corner.

However, the penalty corner fails, so that the Netherlands can think about attacking again.

a few seconds ago

Hockey a few seconds ago

58 'The Netherlands must be careful that Great Britain even takes the lead.

A penalty corner follows, but the Dutch are going to try to challenge it - perhaps against their better judgement - at the video referee.

Hockey a few seconds ago

57' GOAL Great Britain!


Phew, a late and big setback for the Netherlands.

Great Britain is allowed to take the penalty corner again and in the second instance it is hit: 2-2.

Hockey a few seconds ago

The Netherlands seemed on its way to a victory, but thanks to the connection goal from Great Britain, Max Caldas' team has a hard time in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

Hockey a few seconds ago

51' GOAL Great Britain!


Again not 'zero' for the Netherlands and goalkeeper Pirmin Blaak.

Samuel Ward comes in front of his opponent and taps the ball in from close range.

Hockey a few seconds ago

47' Pole!

In the rebound, the ball comes to Seve van Ass, who is looking for the far corner.

The HGC midfielder hits the aluminum.

a few seconds ago

Hockey a few seconds ago

46 'Early in the last quarter, the Netherlands gets a penalty corner, because goalkeeper Oliver Payne dangerously clears the ball.

Hockey a few seconds ago

End of third quarter! 

The Netherlands will start the fourth and final quarter with a comfortable lead over Great Britain: 2-0.

Hockey a few seconds ago

31' GOAL Netherlands!


The first goal from a penalty corner is a fact: penalty corner specialist Jip Janssen hits.

Judo a few seconds ago

No, there is the third penalty for Steenhuis!

It was little about techniques and therefore it had little to do with judo.

Still, that's a way to win and that's why Hyunji Yoon goes to the semifinals.

Guusje Steenhuis has to go to the rematch, which starts at 10:00.

Judo a few seconds ago

Golden score -

 The South Korean coach wants a third penalty for Steenhuis, but the referee does not want it.

So we are going to lengthen and every technique is now decisive.

a few seconds ago

Judo a few seconds ago

With about one and a half minutes left on the clock, Steenhuis receives her second penalty for passivity.

She has to act now, because with three penalties Steenhuis has a problem.

Judo a few seconds ago

We're going to judo for the last time tonight.

Guusje Steenhuis will face South Korean Hyunji Yoon in the quarterfinals.

If she wins, she will play in the semi-finals after 10 a.m. (Dutch time).

In the event of a defeat, she also comes into action after 10:00, but in the repechage.

Olympic Games a few seconds ago


Kamminga takes silver after a lightning-fast start in 200 meters breaststroke

Olympic Games 1 minute ago


Rowers lose gold due to mistake: 'Oh no, it's going wrong'

Olympics 2 minutes ago

Didn't set the alarm clock?

No problem, we list the most important events.

  • Kamminga swims to second medal

  • No gold but bronze for rowers

  • Handball players to quarter-finals

  • All BMXers to semi-finals

2 minutes ago

Hockey 4 minutes ago


Thanks to a goal by Thierry Brinkman, Max Caldas's team is looking for the dressing rooms with a 1-0 lead.

The Dutch team does not dominate, but plays a decent game.

Hockey 7 minutes ago

28 'A striking moment in which goalkeeper Pirmin Blaak calls his captain Billy Bakker to order.

The goalkeeper is of the opinion that the midfielder let his opponent go too easily, but Bakker does not seem to be interested in comment.

Hockey 15 minutes ago

22 'GOAL Netherlands!


Jonas de Geus stops the ball wonderfully after a high scoop, after which he combines smoothly with Mirco Pruyser.

De Geus eventually gives in hard and Thierry Brinkman taps the ball in from close range.

Hockey 19 minutes ago

16 'Great Britain gets two penalty corners in a row early in the second quarter, but goalkeeper Pirmin Blaak is watching closely: 0-0.

Judo 20 minutes ago


The Olympic adventure is already over for Michael Korrel after one match.

He loses to Karl-Richard Frey and doesn't get a second chance either.

Guusje Steenhuis will soon be in action in the quarterfinals.

Judo 23 minutes ago

Golden score -

Not for the first time in this judo tournament, a golden score is needed to designate a winner.

Judo 25 minutes ago

A great moment to go to the judo mat, where we see Michael Korrel in action for the first time.

He takes on the German Karl-Richard Frey.

Hockey 26 minutes ago

End of the first quarter!

The Netherlands and Great Britain can't really entertain the public or actually the TV viewers yet.

After fifteen minutes it is 0-0.

Hockey 34 minutes ago

9 'Another goal from the penalty corner: goalkeeper Oliver Payne saves the attempts of Jip Janssen and Thijs van Dam.

Hockey 36 minutes ago

9' Penalty corner!

The ball hits a British foot in the circle and so the Netherlands can take a penalty corner.

The team of Max Caldas already received twelve penalty corners this tournament, but was not accurate once.

Hockey 37 minutes ago

5 'In the first minutes, the Dutch hockey players are pushed back considerably.

It even takes several minor fouls, but the umpires think it's too early for a card.

Hockey 44 minutes ago


The ball rolls on the blue artificial turf field in Japan, where the Dutch team also plays in blue uniform.

Hockey 1 hour ago

The best four countries continue, how is the Netherlands doing in group B?

  • Belgium 3-



  • Germany 3-



  • Netherlands 3-



  • Great Britain 3-



  • South Africa 3-



  • Canada 3-



  • BMX 1 hour ago


    All Dutch BMX riders and therefore also Niek Kimmann (with a tear in his kneecap) qualify for the semi-finals.

    These are scheduled for tomorrow, just like the final.

    • Men:

    • Van Gendt, Kimmann and Harmsen

    • Women:

    • Laura and Merel Smulders and Baauw

    Judo 1 hour ago


    Steenhuis dominates the game and thanks to an Ouchi-gari she can prepare for the quarterfinals, later this night.

    Judo 1 hour ago

    Golden score -

    Steenhuis needs extra time to beat her Ukrainian opponent.

    Judo 1 hour ago

    There's Guusje Steenhuis on the judo mat!

    With a victory over the Ukrainian Anastasiya Turchyn, she goes to the quarterfinals.

    Hockey 1 hour ago

    At 5.15 am, the Dutch men will start their fourth group match.

    Max Caldas's team is well on its way to the quarter-finals, but the game is still quite disappointing.

    With Great Britain, an opponent of a reasonable level awaits after duels with South Africa and Canada.

    Judo 1 hour ago

    There is also judo again, but it is still a while to wait for the first Dutch.

    In the under 78 kilogram class, Guusje Steenhuis will compete against Anastasiya Turchyn in the last sixteen.

    A little later, Michael Korrel also comes into action in the under 100 kilograms class, his opponent is not yet known.

    BMX 2 hours ago

    With the women, Merel Smulders, Laura Smulders and Judy Baauw, just like the men, are close to a semi-final.

    They will also be in action again tonight.

    BMX 2 hours ago

    The second run also goes smoothly for the Dutch men.

    This time Niek Kimmann takes first place in heat 2, Twan van Gendt second.

    In Heat 3, Joris Harmsen is second for the second time in a row.

    It can hardly go wrong in the third run.

    Olympics 2 hours ago

    Check out the medal tally with the Netherlands just outside the top ten.

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