Good morning and welcome to this live blog.

My name is Willem Haak and I will keep you informed about the seventh day of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

  • Day seven:

  • 12.00: hockey, NL-GB (f)

  • Schloesser eliminated without a chance in eighth finals

  • Badloe almost certainly successor to Van Rijsselberghe

  • View the Dutch program here

  • View the full day program here

Archery · a few seconds ago

Wijler is eliminated, because the last set also ends in a draw: 27-27.

It will be 6-4 for Abdullin.

The Dutch archery tournament is over.

a few seconds ago

Archery · a few seconds ago

A 10 for Wijler.

He's on 18!

Abdullin lands and hits the 8. 18-18..

Archery · a few seconds ago

Abdullin follows with a 10. It will be a difficult story for Wijler.

Archery · a few seconds ago

It's time for the fifth set.

Wijler has to win this one to pull off a shoot-off.

He starts with an 8.

Archery · a few seconds ago

And this set also ends in a tie: 28-28.

Wijler shoots well, but Abdullin can always follow.

The score is 5-3 in favor of the Kazakh.

Archery · a few seconds ago

We're going to start the fourth set.

Wijer must not lose this company.

Then he is disabled.

a few seconds ago

Archery · a few seconds ago

It will be 4-2, because Wijler and Abdullin also share the points in the third set: 28-28.

Archery · a few seconds ago

Not a good score for Wijler in the second set.

He finishes at 25. Abdullin does a lot better and finishes at 29. The score: 1-3 for the Kazakh.

Archery 1 minute ago

In the first set the points are shared: 26-26.

This makes the score 1-1.

Archery 2 minutes ago

The focus at Steve Wijler.

He starts the duel with a 7.

Archery · 4 minutes ago

We will continue archery.

Steve Wijler will face Ilfat Abdullin from Kazakhstan in the second round.

4 minutes ago

Archery 32 minutes ago

It is over!

Wijler advances to the next round.

He'll be back in action soon.

Around 11.10 am Ilfat Abdullin from Kazakhstan is the opponent.

Archery 34 minutes ago

The fourth set ends in a tie: 28-28.

Wijler starts the fifth act with a lead: 5-3.

If he equals Naploszek's score, the Dutchman is through to the next round.

Archery 38 minutes ago

The third set is for Naploszek: 27-28.

And so it becomes 4-2.

Archery 39 minutes ago

And the second set is also for Wijler: 28-27.

It's going in the right direction.

The score: 4-0.

Archery 42 minutes ago


Wijler recovers well, aims twice in the 10 and takes the first set: 27-24.

It is 2-0 for the Dutchman.

42 minutes ago

Archery 44 minutes ago

Wyler may begin.

He doesn't do that well.

The Dutchman hits the 7. The Pole follows.

And he also hits the 7.

Archery 1 hour ago

We go back to archery.

Steve Wijler is ready for his duel with Slawomir Naploszek.

Rowing 1 hour ago

The dramatic miss of Ilse Paulis and Marieke Keijser resembled the final seconds of Ajax-Tottenham Hotspur in the semi-final of the Champions League two years ago.

The rowers were on their way to gold at the Olympics for a long time, but it went wrong in the last strokes.


Tokyo update: 'This was Ajax-Tottenham in a rowing boat'

Windsurfing 1 hour ago

Windsurfer Kiran Badloe is almost certain of the gold medal in the RS:X class at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

De Flevolander won two of the three races on Thursday and only has to sail out of Saturday's medal race to win the Olympic title.

Archery 1 hour ago

Bad news: Barbelin is a size too big for Schloesser.

The Dutch is eliminated in three sets: 6-0.

an hour ago

Archery 1 hour ago

The second set is also for Barbelin.

The score: 4-0.

Schloesser has to step up a gear.

Archery 1 hour ago

We continue with the archery, where Schloesser plays her duel in the second round.

She loses the first set to her French opponent: Lisa Barbelin.

Judo 1 hour ago


Steenhuis loses by an ippon and is seventh.

Antomarchi advances to the battle for the bronze.

Windsurfing 1 hour ago

Kiran Badloe is an unofficial Olympic champion.

To officially get the gold medal, the windsurfer seems to have to wait until Saturday.

Then all he has to do is finish the race.

Judo 1 hour ago

2.30 busy in the golden score.

Steenhuis has the initiative.

Antonia follows.

Judo 1 hour ago

Or not?

The VAR checks the score.

The waza-ari does not count.

We go on.

Judo 1 hour ago



Steenhuis wins and moves on to the bronze medal match.

Judo 1 hour ago

If Antomarchi takes another penalty, the game is over.

Judo 1 hour ago

The Cuban is now on two sentences and must show initiative.

Steenhuis has not yet been penalized by the referee.

Judo 1 hour ago

We don't see a score in regular time.

The game must be decided in the golden score.

Judo 1 hour ago

We continue with judo.

Guusje Steenhuis has started her duel in the repechage.

She is up against a Cuban: Kaliema Antomarchi.

Windsurfing 1 hour ago

Meanwhile, Kiran Badloe is also on his way in the next race.

It may be enough to get the gold medal in a few moments.

Or will he finish it on Saturday?

Badloe certainly rises above the rest.

It can hardly go wrong anymore.

Archery 1 hour ago

Good news: there is even more archery on the program today.

Schloesser's next duel starts at 10.05 am.

And Steve Wijler will take on Slawomir Naploszek from Poland around 10.31 am.

Archery 1 hour ago

Schloesser continues!

She crawled through the eye of the needle, but still manages to beat the Russian Gomboeva.

Archery is a great spectator sport.

Tension is guaranteed.

Archery 1 hour ago

One arrow decides who continues.

Whoever is closest in the middle wins the match.

Archery 1 hour ago


And so the fifth set still ends in 26-26.

It brings the final score to 5-5.

We get a shoot off.

Archery 1 hour ago

Gomboeva is at 26 and seems to be winning.

But as said: one of Schloesser's arrows grazed the 10. Will the 9 be converted into a 10?

Archery 2 hours ago

But now follows a 7. She ends the set at 25.

Archery 2 hours ago

Schloesser's arrow grazed the 10, but seems to be in the 9.

She is now 18.

Archery 2 hours ago

Gomboeva follows.

Also a 9.

Archery 2 hours ago

We start the fifth and decisive set.

The pressure is on.

Schloesser may start and hits the 9.

Archery 2 hours ago

And also in the fourth set, both women end up tied: 27-27.

It makes it 4-4.

Archery 2 hours ago

Oh no.

Schloesser starts the fourth set with an 8. But don't worry: Gomboeva does the same.

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