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women's badminton doubles, Kim So-young, Gong Hee-yong, Lee So-hee, and Shin Seung-chan all reached the semifinals and secured at least a bronze medal. I poured everything into it to the point where I fell on the court.

By Park Chan-beom.

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so-called 'Kim Kong' group Kim So-young and Gong Hee-yong wrote a comeback drama against the world's second-ranked Japanese group.

In a situation where the set score was 1 to 1, I was pushed to the edge of the cliff 20 to 18, and then I made a 20 to 20 tie.

And after 7 breathtaking deuce battles, Gong Hee-yong's exquisite smash succeeded two times in a row and decided the match.

As soon as the match was over, the players collapsed on the court, embracing each other and rejoicing.

[Gong Hee-yong/Badminton National Team: Me too... It was difficult for me to come out here.]

[Kim So-young/Badminton National Team: It's really good to win the game.]

Lee So-hee and Shin Seung-chan also made it to the semi-finals without difficulty, and Korea's badminton team secured at least a bronze medal.


The hope of Korean archery Ansan started strong for three gold medals.

In strong winds exceeding 5 meters per second, he won two matches without shaking and settled into the round of 16 in the individual event.

[Ansan/Archer National Team: The wind was a little difficult, but I knew that if I was good at posture, I would get 10 points, and believing in me (I did.)]

Ansan will compete in the women's individual event from the round of 16 to the final tomorrow (30th). I'm going to try to win 3 gold medals in this tournament.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, Video editing: Lee Seung-jin)

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