Chinanews client, July 29, electric civil war!

The Tokyo Olympic women's singles final finally staged the "traditional performance" of the Chinese table tennis team.

  This represents the highest level of women's singles matchup in the world today. With Chen Meng's 4:2 victory over Sun Yingsha, she won the women's singles championship in the Tokyo Olympics and ushered in the final result.

  This hard-won gold medal not only swept away the haze of national table tennis losing championships in mixed doubles, but also achieved the nine consecutive championships of the Chinese table tennis team in the event.

  At one time, the Tokyo Olympics was an unattainable existence for Chen Meng, but as her style of play has improved in recent years, and the foreign war has been steadily played, Chen Meng finally moved upstream in the sprint stage of the Tokyo Olympics preparations and realized the curve Road overtaking.

  Chen Meng defeated Sun Yingsha 4:1 in the 2020 ITTF Women's World Cup and won the world's "three major tournaments" singles championship for the first time in his career.

This champion also laid a solid foundation for her to stand on the Olympic arena.

  "Before the World Cup, the Tokyo Olympics was very vague to me. I think there are people in front of me, so I am erratic." Chen Meng believed, "After experiencing difficulties, I will definitely see a rainbow."

  Coming to the Tokyo Olympics, Chen Meng, who was on the Olympic stage for the first time, still played steadily and reliably, advancing all the way to the women's singles final.

This time, the opponent across the net is the old opponent and teammate Sun Yingsha.

  In the recent match between the two, Chen Meng undoubtedly has the upper hand. In the 2020 National Championship finals, Women's World Cup finals and ITTF year-end finals semi-finals, Chen Meng won all three games and only lost one game.

  This time, Chen Meng continued her strong record against Sun Yingsha. After six rounds of fierce battle, she won the first Olympic champion of her career as she wished.

  At the age of 27, he entered the Olympics for the first time and won the Olympic women's singles championship for the first time. Chen Meng's qualifications did not stand out in the talented Chinese table tennis team.

  But it was the forbearance and persistence in the trough, or the low-key and diligence when welcoming the highlights, that allowed Chen Meng to move from the back of the Guoping Women's team to the front and stand on the most shining stage.

  Chen Meng's "Olympic Dream" has come true!