The Korean teenage athletes who participated in the Tokyo Olympics are doing well, and cheering is pouring in not only for their excellent performances, but also for their courageous appearance after losing the game.

[Sun-Woo Hwang/National Swimming Team: I am very satisfied that I could swim from the first Olympics to the final like this.]

[Kim Je-Duk/National Archery Team: Even though there were some disappointing parts in the individual event, I was blown away.]



Table Tennis Representative: We also have a group exhibition, so please give us a lot of support.

Fighting!] Although the

medals failed, it is difficult to find any self-reproach or resentment.

It seems to show the unique leisure of this generation that can enjoy while doing their best. Young sports fans cheer for young players with such a cool attitude by calling them 'gatgi', a combination of 'god' and 'baby', meaning god. There is.

It is quite different from the past Olympics, when the athletes who lost the game bowed their heads. Experts say that if the Olympics were a place to promote national prestige until the 1980s and to improve the national image from the 1990s to the 2000s, now they are praising the winners as they were meant to be. It was analyzed that there was enough room to comfort the loser.