It has been found that large amounts of bento boxes and bread are being disposed of every day at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium.

Japan's JNN reports that thousands of lunch boxes for Olympic volunteers are delivered to stadiums every day, but many are thrown away untouched.

A video was also released of a large amount of food delivered to the Tokyo National Stadium going to the trash.

As the Olympic Games were switched to closed without fans due to the spread of COVID-19, the number of volunteers at each stadium decreased.

However, according to this media, the number of lunch boxes was not adjusted to the number of people drinking water, and more food than necessary was thrown away without being consumed.

An official who saw the food being thrown out said, "It is difficult to handle because we are receiving a large amount of food that does not fit the number of people every day."

JNN pointed out, "The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee mentioned the UN's 'Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)' and said that it would consider sustainability, but it did not properly adjust the number of lunch boxes."

The Japanese government also acknowledged this fact, saying, "I've heard stories of food being thrown away."

An official from the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee said, "An appropriate amount of food must be ordered and delivered. We are communicating about the current issue, and we will improve the situation."

(Photo = JNN capture, Yonhap News)