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Good morning and welcome to this live blog.

My name is Willem Haak and I will keep you informed about the sixth day of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

  • Day Six:

  • LIVE: judo, rematch Noël van 't End (m)

  • 12.50 pm: water polo, NL-Spain (f) 

  • Van Vleuten takes gold in time trial

  • Rain of medals in rowing tournament

  • Silver Dumoulin in time trial

  • View the Dutch program here

  • View the full day program here

Cycling · a few seconds ago

"I will continue cycling. I have decided in recent weeks that I really like it this way. The team and I have discussed the shaping and the future. That felt good. We will sit together again and discuss where I will all be driving," says Dumoulin.

Cycling · a few seconds ago

Dumoulin: "I think silver was the highest achievable. For me, this is silver with a gold edge. I didn't know any intermediate times, I never want to know either. But I knew it was going to be very close. I was confident in it that I had a chance to win a medal."

a few seconds ago

Cycling · a few seconds ago

Tom Dumoulin took a silver medal in the time trial and is satisfied: "My goal was to get a medal. I didn't know if it was possible and mainly wanted to enjoy the process. That worked out well. I had a nice few months It's great to end it like this."

Judo 4 minutes ago

Van Dijke takes on Giovanna Scoccimaro in the battle for bronze.

We will also follow that match shortly.

Judo 8 minutes ago

Van Dijke has to, but it doesn't work.

Polleres goes to the final.

Van Dijke has been sentenced to the battle for the bronze.

She loses the semifinal.

What a setback.

Judo 9 minutes ago

Forty more seconds.

Van Dijke needs a score.

Judo 10 minutes ago

1 minute left on the clock.

Van Dijke has to do something.

10 minutes ago

Judo 10 minutes ago

It's puzzling and it's searching.

Polleres scores a waza-ari.

The score: 0-1 for the Austrian.

Work to be done for Van Dijke.

Judo 11 minutes ago

The Austrian will be punished for inaction.

You can have three of those.

Judo 12 minutes ago

The duel is a minute away.

The score: 0-0.

Van Dijke tries a shoulder throw, but the attacking action does not come out well.

Judo 13 minutes ago

We have started!

Van Dijke immediately takes the initiative.

Judo 16 minutes ago


What a duel.

Arai wins by strangulation.

Taimazova lies motionless on the mat for a moment, but is awake again and can leave the room herself.

It's time for Van Dijke's match.

16 minutes ago

Judo 22 minutes ago

It is still a while to wait for the semi-final of Sanne van Dijke.

The other semi-final is huge.

In the duel between the Japanese Arai and the Russian Taimazova, the golden score has been going on for more than ten minutes.

It's an absolute battle of attrition.

Cycling 31 minutes ago

Cycling 38 minutes ago

Dumoulin and Roglic after taking the medals in the time trial.

Olympics 40 minutes ago

It is a historic day for the Dutch Olympic team.

Seven medals have already been fished in today.

In judo, two more slices can be added in a moment.

Sanne van Dijke is in the semi-finals.

Noël van 't End lost earlier today and can take the bronze via the second chance round.

Olympic Games 43 minutes ago

The Netherlands is experiencing the most successful Olympic day since 1928 with seven medals

43 minutes ago

Judo 1 hour ago

Let's continue with judo!

In the class up to 70 kg, Sanne van Dijke will soon start her semifinal against Michaela Polleres from Austria.

Cycling 1 hour ago

Moerenhout continues: "Tom was emotional. And so am I. He realizes like no other that it is about his career. His life. You hope that something like today will happen. The atmosphere in the team has helped him to today. also give them a compliment. If this is a result after the whole ride, then it's fantastic. It's a very special silver medal."

Cycling 1 hour ago

Koos Moerenhout's first reaction: "Technically, Dumoulin couldn't catch a mistake. All the toppers were on a handkerchief from each other. It could go in all directions. It was a matter of squeezing his buttocks to see if he could keep it up. He showed that he really wanted it. Fantastic."

an hour ago

Dumoulin continues: "My goal was to get a medal it has become silver - silver with a gold edge. Primoz was from another planet. I know he is a special guy. And it's very nice to be on the podium. standing. This is great for me"

an hour ago

The first reaction of the silver Dumoulin: "It was a difficult road to get here. I was overtrained in the winter and finished cycling. But I decided to return - especially for this day. I had a goal and I am proud. It is not gold, but silver. Gave all I had, but Primoz was great"

an hour ago

Cycling 1 hour ago

Dumoulin's performance is part of this successful Olympic day of the Dutch team.

The medal rain has finally started.

Cycling 1 hour ago

Very, very special medal for Tom Dumoulin #Tokyo2020


AuthorDaan de RidderMoment of places08: 10 - 28 July 2021

Cycling 1 hour ago

The emotions at Tom Dumoulin, who won a silver medal today.

A top performance.

Tears for Dumoulin.

#Silver #Tokyo2020 #RoadCycling


AuthorLa Flamme RougeMoment of places08: 09 - 28 July 2021

Cycling 1 hour ago

Tom Dumoulin temporarily stopped cycling because he no longer liked the sport.

He returned and focused fully on the Olympic time trial.


The man from Maastricht is second today and is only defeated by an unleashed Primoz Roglic.

No disaster.

Cycling 1 hour ago

Dumoulin and Roglic give each other a hug.

The duo is happy with the medals.

an hour ago

This is the result of the Olympic time trial:

  • Primoz Roglic - 55.04 minutes

  • Tom Dumoulin +1.01

  • Rohan Dennis +1.03

  • Stefan Kung +1.04

  • Filippo Ganna +1.05

  • Wout van Aert +1.40

  • Kasper Asgreen +1.48

  • Rigoberto Uran +2.14

  • Remco Evenepoel +2.17

  • Patrick Bevin +2.20

  • Cycling 1 hour ago

    Silver for Dumoulin!!

    Ganna gives in for a few seconds and finishes fourth.

    Roglic takes the gold.

    Dennis comes in third.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Here comes Ganna.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Wout van Aert crosses the finish line.

    The all-rounder could not live up to expectations.

    He concedes 1.40 minutes to Roglic and is currently fifth.

    The Belgians had probably hoped for more and missed a medal.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Will Dumoulin take a silver medal?

    We'll know in a few minutes.

    Only Ganna poses a threat.

    The bronze seems to have already arrived.

    Anyway, a great achievement.

    What a comeback!

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Küng also crosses the line.

    And he is also not up to Dumoulin's time.

    Again, it was only a matter of seconds.

    Küng is currently fourth and misses a medal.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Küng is almost in..

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Virtually, Ganna is six seconds slower than Dumoulin.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Dumoulin is almost assured of a medal.

    Van Aert is on the track, but is not well on the way.

    Only Ganna and Küng can still dive under Dumoulin's time.

    The gold is for Roglic - that's for sure.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Rohan Dennis crosses the line.


    That was close.

    He bites down on Dumoulin's time and gives in for a few seconds.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Rohan Dennis is almost inside.

    Will the Australian come to Dumoulin's time?

    We'll know in a minute - or hopefully a little longer.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    All the men have now passed the last intermediate point.

    Only Roglic was faster than Dumoulin there.

    Ganna admits two seconds.

    It looks good.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    For now, the gold is for Roglic, the silver for Dumoulin and the bronze for Asgreen.

    But there are still some strong men to finish.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Primoz Roglic is in!

    He has wreaked havoc and is more than a minute faster than Tom Dumoulin.

    His time: 55.04 minutes.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Is Tom Dumoulin on his way to a medal?

    It appears so.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Dumoulin has had a very good time trial.

    It is waiting for its competitors.

    They are all still racing against the clock.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Dumoulin comes in and sets the fastest time of 56.05 minutes.

    He is on the medal track, because Ganna and Dennis give up time.

    Roglic is on his way to gold.

    That can't be wrong.

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