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My name is Mitch Marinus and I will keep you updated on the sixth day of the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Day Six:

  • 7.00 am: cycling, time trial (m)

  • Van Vleuten takes gold in time trial

  • Rain of medals in rowing tournament

  • View the Dutch program here

  • View the full day program here

Cycling 3 minutes ago

Under the watchful eye of some Japanese fans, who are welcome in the stands outside the center of Tokyo, Annemiek van Vleuten hangs the gold medal around her neck.

To her left is Anna van der Breggen, who will soon be able to sing along with the Wilhelmus with bronze around her neck.

3 minutes ago

Boxing 12 minutes ago

Boxer Fontijn wins first match

Nouchka Fontijn has won her first match in the class up to 75 kilograms.

The 33-year-old from Schiedam defeated the Polish Elzbieta Wojcik in three rounds.

Fontijn will play in the quarterfinals against Canadian Tammara Thibeault on Saturday morning.

She won silver at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games.

Cycling 21 minutes ago

Van Vleuten after gold: 'Story is complete'

Annemiek van Vleuten is overjoyed after her golden race in the time trial.

She was already close in 2016 in the road race, but then fell and she painfully missed the gold three days ago in the road race due to a miscommunication.

"It all had to be like this," she says in a first response to the



"The whole story is complete, so beautiful."

Cycling 27 minutes ago

Soon Annemiek van Vleuten will be able to collect the gold!

Annemiek van Vleuten se queda con el oro luego de lograr un tiempo de 30:13.49, plata para la suiza Reusser y bronce para la Nederlandesa Van der Breggen #JuegosOlimpicos #Tokyo2020


AuthorRodrigo Martínez G.Moment of places03: 40 - July 28, 2021

Cycling 30 minutes ago


It will be bronze for Van der Breggen!

And Van Vleuten can really cheer now: finally gold!

  • Van Vleuten -


  • Reusser -


  • Van der Breggen -


  • Cycling 33 minutes ago


     Marlen Reusser comes in at 31.09.96 taking over second place from Grace Brown.

    That is the time that Anna van der Breggen should look at.

    Chloe Dygert will not participate for the medals, because Van der Breggen already has the American in sight.

    33 minutes ago

    Cycling 34 minutes ago

    She won't want to celebrate too soon, but it can hardly go wrong for Annemiek van Vleuten.

    She is way too strong for the competition.

    Cycling 35 minutes ago


    Grace Brown has slumped quite a bit in the latter part of her ride, coming in at 3.22.22.

    Can van der Breggen dive under that?

    Also Marlen Reusser, Lisa Brennauer and Chloe Dygert have yet to come in.

    Cycling 36 minutes ago

    The current top five, while there are still four riders to come in:

  • Van Vleuten

    - 30.13.49

  • Neber -


  • Moolman-Pasio -


  • Labous -


  • Longo Borghini -


  • Cycling 38 minutes ago


    That is the time of Annemiek van Vleuten!

    She is by far the fastest on the line.

    Cycling 39 minutes ago

    Van der Breggen also virtually takes the bronze at the second measuring point.

    Can she still rise to second place in the last part?

    • After 15 kilometers:

    • 1. Van Vleuten -


    • 2. Brown -


    • 2. Van der Breggen -


    39 minutes ago

    Cycling 43 minutes ago

    At the second measuring point (after 15 kilometers) Van Vleuten is by far the fastest!

    She clocks 20.06.11 and seems well on her way to revenge in the form of a gold medal.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    Phew, Chloé Dygert is having a hard time and passes the first measuring point after 15.16.40.

    Van Vleuten is clearly the fastest there with 14.24.58.

    Van der Breggen clocked 14.42.53 and has to tolerate the Australian Grace Brown.

    Judo 1 hour ago

    Van 't End starts with a simple victory

    Judoka Noël van 't End has started his hunt for a medal with a simple victory.

    In his first match in the class up to 90 kilograms, he gave Paolo Persoglia from San Marino no chance.

    The match lasted only 36 seconds.

    Two years ago, Van 't End became world champion in Tokyo.

    Like the Olympic Games, the World Cup was held in the Budokan judo temple.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    At the first intervention (after 9.7 kilometres), Annemiek van Vleuten is by far the fastest.

    There are still five riders to pass the first measuring point.

  • Van Vleuten -


  • Neben -


  • Moolman Pasio - 


  • Cycling 1 hour ago

    The Australian Sarah Gigante has the fastest time so far: 33.01.60.

    Normally a time where the favorites have to be able to dive under.

    an hour ago

    Cycling 1 hour ago


    Anna van der Breggen, the reigning world time trial champion, gets her legs moving.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    The Belgian Julie van de Velde comes in first and that means she has overtaken Masomah Ali Zada.

    The Belgian comes in with a time of 34.23.49.

    Cycling 1 hour ago


    American Chloe Dygert drives away from the starting podium.

    Everyone is on a bicycle, except Anna van der Breggen.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    The start of Annemiek van Vleuten does not seem ideal.

    She seems to be suffering from a shifting problem, but is now well on her way.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    There are two intermediate measurements during the 22.1 kilometer ride.

    The first is after 9.7 kilometers and the second after 15 kilometers.

    At the moment, Canada's Karol-Ann Canuel is the fastest after 15 kilometers (21.46.01).

    an hour ago

    Cycling 1 hour ago


    There's Annemiek van Vleuten, who starts in twentieth position.

    A total of 25 women will take part.

    Cycling 1 hour ago

    In the road race it was largely the Dutch women who ruined it, but today they can take revenge on their own.

    There is one big competitor: the American Chloé Dygert.

    She became world champion in Yorkshire in an impressive way in 2019.

    • Start times:

    • 4:48: Annemiek van Vleuten

    • 5.04: Cloe Dygert

    • 5.06: Anna van der Breggen

    Cycling 2 hours ago

    The profile of the women's time trial.

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics - ITT WE 2021🚩 Fuji International Speedway🏁 Fuji International Speedway🚴🏻‍♂️ 22 KmWeather: 🌧 25°C, light rainRoute:


    AuthorLa Flamme RougeMoment of places19: 56 - July 27, 2021

    Cycling 2 hours ago

    Masomah Ali Zada, part of the Olympic refugee team, is the first to ride a bike for the women's time trial.

    Annemiek van Vleuten starts at 4.58 am and Anna van der Breggen at 5.06 am.

    Swimming 2 hours ago


    Kamminga is slightly slower than in the heats, but he is the fastest in the first semi-final (2.07.99).

    The fastest eight go to the final and he is among those with this time.

    The final battle is next Thursday at 3.30 pm.

    Swimming 2 hours ago

    Another 100 m -

    Arno Kamminga is halfway in first position and seems well on his way to the semi-finals.

    In the series he also recorded the fastest time (2.07.37).

    Olympics 2 hours ago

    We first go to the swimming pool, where Arno Kamminga hopes to qualify for the final in the 200 meter breaststroke.

    He already has a silver medal in the 100 meters.

    Judo 2 hours ago

    Sanne van Dijke and Noël van 't End have to wait a little longer until the judo mat is free.

    Both have a chance to win a medal today and will start in the first round later.

    • Opponent Sanne van Dijke:

    • Gulnoza Matniyazova (Uzbekistan)

    • Opponent Noël van 't End:

    • Paolo Persoglia (San Marino)

    Olympics 2 hours ago

    We'll leave rowing behind for now and focus on other sports.

    Where will we see the Dutch in action in the coming hours?

    • 4.00 am: judo, preliminaries

    • Sanne van Dijke and Noël van 't End

    • 4.21 am: swimming, semi-finals

    • Arno Kamminga

    • 4.30 am: cycling, time trial tijd

    • Van der Breggen and Van Vleuten

    Olympics 2 hours ago

    View the medal table with the Netherlands in the top twenty.

    Hockey 2 hours ago


    The Dutch hockey players remain clear and also beat South Africa (5-0).

    Alyson Annan's team is assured of the quarter-finals and will play against reigning Olympic champion Great Britain tomorrow.

    Hockey 2 hours ago

    55' GOAL Netherlands!


    The Netherlands runs further in the last quarter and comes to 5-0.

    Maria Verschoor is also on the scoreboard.

    Hockey 2 hours ago

    52' GOAL Netherlands!


    Felice Albers was accurate in the first two games and now has her goal as well.

    She puts the Netherlands 4-0 ahead of South Africa.

    Rowing 2 hours ago


    The gold goes to China and the Netherlands is not involved.

    Inge Janssen, Laila Youssifou, Nicole Beukers, Olivia van Rooijen finish last.

    Rowing 2 hours ago

    Another 500 m -

    The Netherlands is starting to lose ground and Poland is eagerly using it.

    At the third and last intermediate point, the Dutch boat is in fourth place.

    Is there still a final sprint?

    Rowing 2 hours ago

    Another 1,000 m -

    Halfway through it becomes clear that gold and silver is a difficult task and so the Dutch boat has to look back.

    Can they keep their lead over Poland and Australia?

    Rowing 2 hours ago

    Another 1,500 m -

    At the first crossing, the Dutch boat is in third place.

    Top favorites China and Germany take the lead.

  • China -


  • Germany - 


  • Netherlands -


  • Rowing 2 hours ago

    We go to the last rowing final of today: can Inge Janssen, Laila Youssifou, Nicole Beukers, Olivia van Rooijen give the Netherlands the fifth rowing medal of the day in the double four?

    Hockey 2 hours ago

    End of third quarter!

    Thanks to goals from Frédérique Matla (2) and Marloes Keetels, the Netherlands has a comfortable lead against South Africa.

    Hockey 2 hours ago

    42' GOAL Netherlands!


    Hockey is also going in the right direction for the Dutch team.

    Marloes Keetels makes the 3-0 against South Africa.

    Rowing 2 hours ago

    The first gold medal has arrived!

    ROWING 🚣‍♂️ The Wilhelmus will sound!

    #Stronger Together |



    AuthorTeamNL🇳🇱Moment of places01: 36 - 28 July 2021

    Rowing 3 hours ago


    For the first time in 25 years we see a gold medal for the Dutch male rowers!

    And how: the Netherlands enters after 5.32.03;

    a world record!

    Rowing 3 hours ago

    Another 500 m -

    The Netherlands is in good shape!

    They have taken over the lead and are now in control of the race.

    Can they finish it?

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