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My name is Menno Waebeke and I will keep you informed about the return between Galatasaray and PSV in the second qualifying round of the Champions League.

Lots of fun!

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6 'Galatasaray starts the match a lot brighter than last week in Eindhoven.

The Turks commit a few serious fouls in the opening minutes, they are still waiting for the first big opportunities.

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Kick off! 

The ball rolls in Istanbul, PSV defends a 5-1 lead and should normally reach the next round of the million-dollar ball today.

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The players enter the field and are about to start the return in this second qualifying round of the Champions League.

Galatasaray will want to score early to have a chance at the next round, will it still be exciting in Istanbul?

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Schmidt about Ihattaren: 'No point in talking about players who are not there'

Mohammed Ihattaren is not in the match selection in Istanbul due to illness, but that does not seem to be the real reason for his absence.

The midfielder is said to be working on a departure from PSV.

In front of the



, trainer Roger Schmidt hinted that there is indeed more going on: "At least he is not here now. The doctors told me that he is sick, but if I'm honest I don't feel like talking about players who aren't there," said Schmidt.

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In addition to Ryan Babel, a Dutchman can be admired next season in the shirt of Galatasaray.

Patrick van Aanholt has signed a three-year contract in Istanbul.

The Dutchman is not yet in the selection today.



AuthorPatrick van AanholtMoment of places16: 09 - 28 July 2021

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Exactly seven days ago, PSV waltzed over Galatasaray, the Turks had nothing to say in the Philips Stadium.

Even before halftime, the Eindhoven team is ahead 2-0, thanks to two goals from Zahavi.

Galatasaray did something back with Kilinc, but after the break PSV took a 5-1 lead via Götze and Zahavi twice.

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Mohammed Ihattaren is not in the PSV match selection tonight.

The midfielder is said to have been reported sick, but was spotted this afternoon at the OGC Nice training complex.

A departure from Eindhoven does not seem far away anymore.

We get a lot of questions about a photo that seems to show Mohamed Ihattaren in the south of France (time of photo unknown).

Understandable questions, because he has been reported sick.

It is under our attention.

We can only stick to facts and try to check it.


AuthorRik ElfrinkMoment of places05: 40 - 28 July 2021

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 Ryan Babel has disappeared from the base at Galatasaray, Mostafa Mohamed replaces the 69-time international in the striker.

We do see the born Bredanaar Ömer Bayram in the basic eleven of the Turks. 

Galatasaray line-up:


Yedlin, Luyindama, Marcao, Bayram, Sekidika, Kara, Kilinc, Yilmaz, Akturkoglu, Mostafa Mohamed.

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Cody Gakpo returns to PSV's base, taking the place of Yorbe Vertessen.

Furthermore, trainer Roger Schmidt sticks to the same players who defeated Galatasaray 5-1 in Eindhoven last week.

PSV line-up: 


Mwene, Ramalho, Boscagli, Max, Sangaré, Götze, Van Ginkel, Madueke, Zahavi, Gakpo.

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It is hot in Istanbul, temperatures are approaching thirty degrees.

Will it also figuratively be a hot night for PSV?

The Eindhoven team defend a 5-1 lead.

29℃ ☀️, 6,500 fans.Hot night tonight?



AuthorPSVMoment of places15: 36 - July 28, 2021

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PSV does not count itself rich for return in Turkey: "We are only halfway through"

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