The Tokyo Olympics, the gymnastics men's individual all-around final has begun.

From Japan, Daiki Hashimoto, who is 19 years old in 1st place in qualifying, and Takeru Kitazono, who is 18 years old in 7th place in qualifying, will participate and aim to win medals.

Hashimoto will start the competition from Yuka, and Kitazono will start the competition from Pommel Horse.

Finished the first event Hashimoto is 1st and Kitazono is 3rd

At around 7:40 pm, Daiki Hashimoto, who was in the final of the men's individual all-around gymnastics, faced the first event, scoring 14.833, which was higher than the qualifying.

Takeru Kitazono showed a stable performance on the pommel horse and marked 14.500, which is higher than the qualifying.

At the end of the first event, Hashimoto was in 1st place and Kitazono was in 3rd place.