Japan lost to Egypt 32 to 45 in the first round of the Fencing Men's Sable Group at the Tokyo Olympics.

From Japan, Kento Yoshida, Kaito Streets, Tomohiro Shimamura, and Kenta Tokunan participated in the fencing men's saber group.

In team competitions, the team that scored 45 points first or the team that has played 9 games and has the most total points wins.

Japan played against Egypt in the first round and allowed a big lead of 2 to 10 in the first two games, but Yoshida and Tokunan continued to close by 5 points in points over their opponents.

However, from the 6th game, Egypt took the initiative and continued to concede goals, losing 32 to 45.

Kento Yoshida "I was able to enjoy it in the team competition"

Yoshida commented on the fact that he took 7 points in the 3rd game he participated in after the big difference of 2 to 10 and caught up. I stood on the fixie. "

After that, he analyzed the cause of the defeat, saying, "When Japan gained momentum, the opponents switched well. I couldn't regain the pace there."

Regarding this Olympics, he said, "I was nervous in the individual competition, but I enjoyed it in the team competition." I want to do my best toward it. "

Kaito Streets "I was able to do my best to the end"

"It was a difficult match to chase after the opponent, but I was able to do my best until the end. I was unattended, but I wish I could convey something to many people through the screen," said Streets. rice field.

After that, he said, "My Tokyo Olympics are over, but another fencing event and another competition will continue, so I want other Japanese players to do their best to aim for medals."