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Good morning and welcome to this live blog.

My name is Willem Haak and I will keep you informed about the sixth day of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

  • Day Six:

  • LIVE: cycling, time trial (m)

  • 8.56am: Tom Dumoulin

  • 10.00 am: judo, semi-final (f)

  • 12.50 pm: water polo, NL-Spain (f) 

  • Van Vleuten takes gold in time trial

  • Rain of medals in rowing tournament

  • View the Dutch program here

  • View the full day program here

Cycling · in 4 days

Oh dear.

Stefan Küng is also working on a good time trial.

At the second measuring point he is just a little faster than Dumoulin.

It is hugely exciting, because Wout van Aert is also well on his way.

The Belgian is only slightly slower than Roglic, who is the fastest man there.

Cycling · in 4 days

Dumoulin has completed his first round.

He is 40 seconds faster there than Patrick Bevin, who was the fastest man at that point.

We have to wait for the rest of the medal candidates, who started later.

Cycling · in 4 days

Filippo Ganna is a fraction faster than Primoz Roglic at the first measuring point: 0.59 seconds.

Dumoulin is the number three there.

in 4 days

Cycling · in 4 days

Wout Van Aert is two seconds slower than Dumoulin at the first measuring point.

He concedes four seconds on Roglic.

It's all close together.

What is certain: Dumoulin is in a great race against the clock.

Cycling · in 4 days

And there is Roglic at the second measuring point.

After fifteen kilometers he is five seconds faster than Dumoulin and therefore sets the best time there.

Cycling · in 4 days

Dumoulin comes through fastest at the second intermediate point.

It's waiting for Roglic.

Cycling · in 4 days

Rohan Dennis concedes five seconds on the time of Dumoulin at the first intermediate point.

It means he's just over seven seconds slower there than Roglic - who was fastest there.

Cycling · in 4 days

And there is Roglic at the first intermediate point.

The Slovenian is 2.67 seconds faster than Dumoulin.

in 4 days

Cycling · in 4 days

Tour winner Tadej Pogacar is not participating today and is watching the time trial as a fan.

If only he could keep his eyes open...

@SportsOrla @Eurosport_UK @discoveryplusUK @SirWiggo This is @TamauPogi right this moment.

I think he's not joining @SirWiggo's club this year.



AuthorUrška ŽigartMoment of places06: 59 - July 28, 2021

Cycling · in 4 days

Dumoulin is very well on his way.

He goes well.

The attitude is good.

He seems to be having a strong day.

Cycling · in 4 days

Good news!

Tom Dumoulin is the fastest at the first intermediate point.

Alberto Bettiol - now the number two there - took 15.61 seconds slower over the first 9.7 kilometers.

Cycling · in 4 days

It's time for Wout van Aert.

He can climb, he can sprint, he can time trial.

Today the focus of the all-rounder is on the Olympic time trial.

Cycling · in 4 days

At the finish, Rigoberto Uran is the fastest man for the time being.

But beware: from now on the favorites for the overall victory will start.

Rohan Dennis reports on the course.

Stefan Küng will also start.

We have to wait for Wout van Aert and Filippo Ganna.

in 4 days

Cycling · in 4 days

Uran is in!

He is 2.58 faster than Evenepoel, which means he is first for now.

The provisional standings:

  • Rigoberto Uran (Col)

    57.18 minutes

  • Remco Evenepoel (Bel)

    57.21 minutes

  • Alberto Bettiol (Ita)

    57.38 minutes

  • Cycling · in 4 days

    Uran is almost at the finish.

    It remains to be seen whether he will reach Evenepoel's time.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    Primoz Roglic also starts his time trial.

    Dumoulin did that a while ago.

    In about ten minutes - or hopefully sooner - he will be at the first intermediate point.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    Bettiol is also inside.

    He concedes 16.79 seconds on Evenepoel and is currently second.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    And there's Tom Dumoulin.

    He starts his time trial.

    The road to a medal has been started.

    in 4 days

    Cycling · in 4 days

    Evenepoel enters.

    The Belgian is 35.19 seconds faster than Houle and is the fastest for the time being.

    It is waiting for Uran.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    We're starting the third block.

    From now on, the favorites for the medals will start.

    Just a few more minutes until we see Tom Dumoulin on the track.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    Van der Breggen no longer believed in bronze.

    On her way she was third, but after Anna van der Breggen had completed the Olympic time trial as the last rider, the thought of a medal quickly disappeared.

    "I crossed the line and nobody said anything. Then you know you didn't win anything," says the bronze medal winner.

    "Then a little later someone finally said that I had bronze. I'm still surprised about it."

    Cycling · in 4 days

    Rigoberto Uran can time trial.

    We almost forgot, but it's true.

    The Colombian is no less than twenty seconds faster than Evenepoel after 31.8 kilometers.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    Tom Dumoulin will start his Olympic time trial in ten minutes.

    Five years ago he took silver in Rio.

    Can the thirty-year-old from Maastricht repeat the performance in Tokyo?

    in 4 days

    Cycling · in 4 days

    Evenepoel is now on the road faster than Houle.

    After 31.8 kilometers he set the best time - ten seconds faster than Bettiol, who came through second.

    Gymnastics · in 4 days

    Biles withdraws from Olympic tournament

    American gymnastics champion Simone Biles will no longer compete in these Olympic Games.

    The gymnast withdrew from the country finals yesterday due to mental problems and today the American gymnastics association confirms that Biles will also miss the final of tomorrow's all-around.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    Going into his second lap, Evenepoel is still two seconds slower than Houle.

    A little further on, Izagirre has a cramp.

    And that while he's only been on the road for nineteen minutes.

    The conditions are extremely tough.

    It can be seen from the line, where minutes are already being thrown.

    He still has a while to go before Izagirre gets there.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    For now, no one can touch Houle's fine time.

    For example: at the second intermediate point, Bettiol also concedes to the Canadian.

    Evenepoel was an outsider for the win and sneaks a little closer, but is still four seconds slower.

    It's not good enough for now.

    Or does the Belgian simply organize his race well?

    Cycling · in 4 days

    Waiting for the big men.

    They all start in the third block.

    Tom Dumoulin starts his Olympic time trial at 8.56 am.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    Alberto Bettiol sets the fastest time at the first intermediate point - after 9.7 kilometers.

    He is five seconds faster than Hugo Houle there.

    Remco Evenepoel disappoints.

    The talented Belgian is number three.

    Athletics in 4 days

    Schippers skips 100 meters

    Dafne Schippers will not start in Tokyo in the 100 meters.

    The Dutch athlete has decided to fully focus on the 200 meters, the distance at which she won silver at the Games in Rio five years ago.

    Schippers is struggling with back problems this season and has therefore weighed up her chances.

    The series for the 100 meters are Friday night, without Schippers.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    All riders of the first group have passed the second measuring point (after 15 kilometres).

    Here are the top three split times:

  • Hugo Houle (Can)


  • Stefan de Bod (ZAf)


  • Nikias Arndt (Germany) +


  • Cycling · in 4 days


    Van Vleuten celebrates first Olympic title after victory in time trial

    Olympic Games · in 4 days

    Didn't set the alarm clock?

    No problem, we list the most important events:

    • Olympic title for Van Vleuten

    • Rain of medals in rowing tournament

    • Hockey players simply pass South Africa

    • Badloe retakes the lead

    Judo · in 4 days

    There is the third penalty for Van 't End!

    He needs to recharge for the rematch later this morning.

    Judo · in 4 days

    Two penalties for Van 't End!

    He has to be careful now, because with three penalties his game is over.

    Cycling · in 4 days

    With the departure of Nelson Oliveira, the last rider of the first group has left.

    There is in fact some waiting time between the starts of Oliveira (7.18 hours) and Tao Geoghegan Hart (7.56 hours).

    And that will also apply to Maximilian Schachmann (8:14 am) and Tobias Foss (8:52 am).

    So there is actually driving in three groups.

    Outside these interruptions, the riders start every one and a half minutes.

    Judo · in 4 days

    Golden score!

    It is necessary to explore, but that is understandable because the tension is great.

    We are going to extra time, where any technique can be decisive.

    Judo · in 3 days

    We go to the judo mat for the last time in the early morning, where Noël van 't End, like Sanne van Dijke, hopes to qualify for the quarterfinals.

    He will compete against the Turkish Mihael Zgank.

    Windsurfing · in 3 days

    Windsurfer Badloe wins ninth race

    Kiran Badloe has a taste for windsurfing in the RS:X class.

    The Dutchman wins the third and final race of the day, strengthening his lead in the standings.

    Badloe and his competitors have three more races and a medal race ahead of them.

    Olympics · in 3 days

    Good morning!

    📆 - Good morning Netherlands!

    @TeamNLtweets already took 6 medals in Tokyo today6 - 🥇2🥈2🥉2The Netherlands is 1 Olympic medal away from the day record of August 11, 19287 - 🥇4🥈1🥉2 #Tokyo2020 #SamenSterker


    AuthorGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of Places04: 11 - 28 July 2021

    Cycling · in 3 days

    The start times of the men who can cycle fast:

    • 7.59 am:

      Remco Evenepoel

    • 8.55am:

      Brandon McNulty

    • 8.56am:

      Tom Dumoulin

    • 9.01 am:

      Primoz Roglic

    • 9.02 am:

      Geraint Thomas

    • 9.04 am:

      Rohan Dennis

    • 9.05am:

      Remi Cavagna

    • 9.07 am:

      Stefan Kung

    • 9.08 am:

      Wout van Aert

    • 9.10 am:

      Filippo Ganna

    Cycling · in 3 days

    Ahmad Badreddin Wais of the Olympic refugee team rolls off the starting podium first.

    The favorites will largely come into action in the second part.

    Cycling · in 3 days

    The big question: how is Tom Dumoulin?

    He took silver in Rio four years ago, but today everything is different.

    The Dutchman will start at 8.56 am.

    Cycling · in 3 days

    At 07:00 we go back to cycling, because then the Olympic time trial for the men starts.

    Just like with the women, this will be held on and around the Fuji Speedway race track.

    The length of the course is 22.1 kilometers and has to be completed twice for the men.

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