(Tokyo Olympics) Chen Meng staged a good turnaround, the national table tennis men's and women's singles four will all be among the top four

  China News Service, Tokyo, July 28. The quarter-finals of the men's and women's singles table tennis competition at the Tokyo Olympics began on the 28th.

The four Chinese players Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Chen Meng, and Sun Yingsha all defeated their opponents and all entered the semi-finals of men's and women's singles.

  Chen Meng, now ranked number one in women's singles, has the most thrilling promotion.

Facing the famous Hong Kong star Du Kaixian, Chen Meng lost two games in a row with two 6:11. The big lag caused Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association in the stands, to frowned. Chen Meng's coach Ma Lin even more. It was several times that he stood up and cheered for his disciples.

  Fortunately, Chen Meng recovered his state in time and successfully resolved the opponent's fight by virtue of his excellent stalemate ability. He regained his disadvantage with 11:6 and 11:9 consecutive wins.

Afterwards, Chen Meng, who had recovered his status, did not give Du Kaizhen any more chance. He went to the two cities to achieve a reversal at 11:1 and 11:8, and he advanced to the semifinals with a total score of 4:2.

Chen Meng will face off against the Singaporean teenager Mengyu who eliminated the Japanese star Kasumi Ishikawa in the semifinals.

  Chen Meng said after the game that Liu Guoliang and Ma Lin were screaming for her every point in the backward situation, trying their best to help her get back to her form, and even every ball would tell her how to win.

Under this situation, Chen Meng quickly calmed down, "We must grit our teeth and persevere in adversity."

  Sun Yingsha, who has the reputation of "Little Devil", continued to play triumphant songs in the women's singles.

She swept the German veteran Han Ying 4:0, and she will face a real challenge in the semi-finals, when she will face the host player, the world's second-ranked Mima Ito.

The latter, with mixed doubles gold medal Yu Wei, is currently in a hot state, beating South Korea's Tian Zhixi with 4:0 that day.

  Sun Yingsha said that she had previously played against Mima Ito in various world competitions many times, and they were very familiar with each other, but they met for the first time in the Olympics. Therefore, when facing her old opponents in the semifinals, she must put down her baggage and spell the word.

"I want to show my best state." She said.

  In the men's singles, the top seed Fan Zhendong defeated South Korean player Zheng Young-sik 4-0 and easily entered the semi-finals.

Malone defeated Egypt's Assal 4:1.

  In the semi-finals, Fan Zhendong will face Chinese Taipei player Lin Yunru, and Malone will face German star Ocharov.