China News Service, July 28th. On the evening of the 28th Beijing time, in the men's weightlifting competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games in the 73 kg class, Chinese athlete Shi Zhiyong won the championship with a snatch of 166 kg, a clean and jerk of 198 kg, and a total score of 364 kg. The results broke the world record held by him before.

This is the 12th gold medal of the Chinese delegation in this Olympic Games.

  In the snatch competition, Shi Zhiyong succeeded in three attempts, and the final result was 166 kg.

In the clean and jerk competition, his final score was 198 kg, and he finally locked the gold medal without any suspense.

  Shi Zhiyong is the world record holder for men's 73 kg weightlifting, clean and jerk, snatch, and overall performance.

He is the men's 69 kg weightlifting champion in the Rio Olympics. After the IWF adjusted the heavyweight class in 2018, he was upgraded to the 73 kg class.

After that, Shi Zhiyong frequently set the world records for snatch, clean and jerk and total score of this level.

  In the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships, Shi Zhiyong set three world records for snatch, clean and jerk, and total results; in the 2019 Weightlifting Asian Championships and Tokyo Olympic Qualifying Tournament, he set the world records for snatch and total results; Shi Zhiyong at the World Championships of the same year Set the world record for clean and jerk and total score again.

Shi Zhiyong is in the game.

  At the Weightlifting World Cup and Tokyo Olympic Qualifying Tournament held at the end of 2019, Shi Zhiyong set a world record for clean and jerk; at the Asian Championships in 2021, he set a world record for snatch.

  Before the Tokyo Olympics, Shi Zhiyong had won 1 Olympic champion, 3 World Championships, 4 Asian Championships, and multiple national championships.

And now, he has added another Olympic champion to the honor book.

  Congratulations to Shi Zhiyong!

Congratulations to the Chinese sports delegation!