(Tokyo Olympics) Chinese women's three-person basketball team advances to the knockout round and the men's team is out

  China News Service, Tokyo, July 27th (Reporter Yue Chuan) The three-person basketball tournament for the Tokyo Olympics ended on the 27th.

The Chinese women's team ranked third with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. The opponent in the quarter-finals was the Italian team.

The Chinese men's team had 2 wins and 5 losses in the round robin, and the last place in the ranking was out early.

  There are 8 teams participating in the men's and women's three-person basketball events of the Olympic Games.

The eight teams first played a single round robin. The top two teams directly entered the semi-finals, and the bottom two teams were eliminated.

The 4 teams ranked 3 to 6 fight each other, and the winner gets the other two semi-finals.

  The Chinese women's three-person basketball team lost to the Russian Olympic Committee in the first match in the round robin.

The team adjusted immediately afterwards, and finally ended with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses.

Chinese team player Wang Lili said that after losing in the first game, everyone made good adjustments, summarized the problems exposed in time, and showed their own characteristics in the subsequent games.

  Her teammate Yang Shuyu believes that since the players in the team participated in the Olympics for the first time, they were a little nervous at first, but gradually let go.

  During the round robin, Yang Shuyu became popular online because of his long hair photos.

In response, she said frankly that during this period of time she has been focusing on preparing for the battle and has not paid attention to social media.

"If there are fans, thank you very much for your support. Let's cheer for the Chinese team together."

  Yang Shuyu revealed that the team's goal in the round robin is to strive for the top two, but the third is also the expected result.

For the next knockout, Yang Shuyu said that the team will make full preparations and focus on the game.

  In the quarter-finals, the opponent of the Chinese three-person basketball team was the Italian team.

In the round robin, the Chinese team defeated their opponent 22:13.

The winner of this game will compete with the Russian Olympic Committee team for the final place.

According to the schedule, the quarter-finals will be held on the evening of the 27th.

  The Chinese three-man basketball team, which suffered a four-game losing streak at the start, reversed and defeated Belgium and Poland in the match on the 26th. After achieving two consecutive victories, they retained their hope of qualifying for the next round.

However, in the key battle on the 27th, the Chinese team led the first half and finally lost to the host Japanese team at 16:21.

  After this campaign, the Japanese team won the tickets to advance to the next round, and the Chinese team finally ranked last, ending the journey of this Olympic Games.

  Chinese team player Hu Jinqiu burst into tears after the game.

He said that the team wanted to prove themselves, and they also made it to the end.

"Through this game, I feel that my personal strength still needs to be strengthened. Compared with the best players in the world, there is still a lot of gap. After I go back, I need to strengthen training and work hard."

  "For the Chinese team, every game is a challenge. The four of us are participating in the Olympics for the first time. This is our dream. We have also fought for our dreams. This experience will always be preserved in my memory. "Hu Jinqiu said, this will encourage them to continue to work hard, and hope that next time they participate in the World Series, they will show a different Chinese team.