In the qualifying for the men's 200-meter breaststroke at the Tokyo Olympics, Tatsuya Takera was 8th overall at 2: 9:00 and Shoma Sato was 11th overall at 2: 09.43, both of which advanced to the semifinals.

Takera, who participated in the four men's 200-meter breaststroke qualifying groups, turned back 100 meters in the first half in 5th place and caught up from here to finish in 3rd place in this group.

The time was 2 minutes 9:00 and he advanced to the semi-finals in 8th place overall.

In addition, Sato, who participated in the 3rd qualifying group, returned to the top 100 meters in the first half and finished in 2nd place in this group.

With a time of 2: 09.43, he advanced to the semi-finals in 11th place overall.

The men's 200-meter breaststroke will be held in the semi-finals from around 11:20 am on the 28th.

Tatsuya Takera "I want to stay in the final first"

Takera felt the response to the race, saying, "I swam so as not to affect the semi-finals tomorrow, but I was able to swim with a good feeling. I knew that I was in good shape."

Then, for the race after the 28th, "I want to improve the time in the semi-finals and stay in the final first. In the final, if I set my own record firmly and aim for the 2 minutes 6 seconds range, I can see the medals." did.

Shoma Sato "It will be a battle with myself"

Sato said, "I was impatient in the second half at 100 meters, so I tried to race myself this time. I knew how to swim."

For the semi-final on the 28th, he said, "I don't have 100% left in this qualifying time, so I want to put out the 57-second range firmly. I will fight myself, so I want to swim firmly without worrying about the surroundings." Was tightening.