Good morning and welcome to this live blog.

My name is Mitch Marinus and I will keep you updated on the fifth day of the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Day five:

  • 7.00 am: Canoe slalom semi-finals

  • 8.00 am: mountain bike race

  • 9.00 am: handball, NL-South Korea

  • Toussaint seventh in swimming final 

  • Klamer pretty fourth in triathlon

  • View the Dutch program here

  • View the full day program here

Judo · in 2 days

The games on mate two are a lot shorter than those on mate one.

As a result, it is Juul Franssen, who comes into action just a little earlier than Frank de Wit.

Franssen will take on top favorite Clarisse Agbegnenou.

Judo · in 2 days

In a few minutes judoka Frank de Wit will be back on the mat.

In the eighth final of his class (up to 81 kilograms) he will compete against Dominic Ressel from Germany.

in 2 days

Table tennis · in 2 days

Eerland after victory: 'Just playing table tennis'

Britt Eerland reached the eighth finals of the table tennis tournament on Tuesday thanks to a nice comeback.

She trailed 0-3, but still triumphed against Egyptian Dina Meshref.

"At the beginning I had a hard time adapting, but I had to keep it simple. Just play table tennis."

Sailing · in 2 days

Marit Bouwmeester

finished third

in the fifth race of the Laser Radial


As a result, she remains in third place in the standings.

Race six is ​​also later this morning.

Sailing · in 2 days


Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz started

the Olympic sailing tournament in the 49erFX class with a thirteenth place.

The race was won by British duo Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey.

In the 49erFX class, the

second and third races will

follow later Tuesday


Judo · in 2 days

The next Dutchman on the judo mat is Frank de Wit.

He will be up against Dominic Ressel, but there are five other matches on the program first.

Judo · in 2 days


Juul Franssen beats Haecker with twelve seconds left on the clock.

The Dutch will take on top favorite Clarisse Agbegnenou in the quarterfinals later today.

in 2 days

Judo · in 2 days

There is 31-year-old Juul Franssen.

She is on the mat against Australian Katharina Haecker, whom she has never competed against before.

Judo · in 2 days

The judo mat is thoroughly disinfected during the breaks.

In a few minutes Juul Franssen will play here in the eighth final.

Olympics · in 2 days

According to Reuters news agency, two members of the Dutch tennis team have tested positive for the corona virus.

Sports association NOC * NSF says in a reaction it knows nothing.

Yesterday, double tennis player Jean-Julien Rojer tested positive, after which the Netherlands withdrew from the doubles tournament.

Judo · in 2 days

Thanks to an ippon, De Wit settles his opponent from Samoa within 1 minute and 9 seconds.

Just like Juul Franssen, the Dutchman goes to the eighth finals.

De Wit will take on the German Dominic Ressel around 6.00 am.

Judo · in 2 days

There is Frank de Wit, who starts his Olympic adventure against Peniamina Percival.

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Olympics · in 2 days

Which Dutch athletes should we keep an eye on in the coming hours?

  • LIVE: judo

  • Juul Franssen and Frank de Wit

  • 05:05: Sailing, Laser Radial

  • Marit Bouwmeester

  • 7.00 am: canoe slalom, semi-finals

  • Martina Wegman

  • 8.00 am: mountain bike race

  • Anne Tauber and Anne Terpstra

Sailing · in 2 days

'Arrogant' Bouwmeester climbs to top five: 'The roles are quickly reversed'

Sailing · in 2 days

Reigning Olympic sailing champion Marit Bouwmeester hopes to continue her catch-up race from 5.05 am.

After a rocky start in the Laser Radial, she rose from twelfth to fifth in the standings.

The Voorburg will soon be sailing its fifth race and later in the day the sixth race is also on the program.

Swimming · in 2 days

Toussaint happy after seventh place

Kira Toussaint looks back with a good feeling on her Olympic final in the 100 backstroke.

"I enjoyed it this morning and feel good," she says in front of the




Kaylee Mckeown swam to gold with an Olympic record (57.47).

"The field is so strong, so I'm glad I got to swim between them. It was fantastic."

Judo · in 2 days

Juul Franssen's victory in pictures.

🥋 #Tokyo2020 |


Juul Franssen is off to a great start in her Olympic judo tournament.Stream every unforgettable moment of the #olympic games #judo live on discovery+


AuthorEurosport NederlandMoment of places02: 22 - 27 July 2021

in 2 days

Judo · in 2 days

The exact starting times are not yet known, but two Dutch judokas will be in action in the coming hours.

Frank de Wit starts his Olympic adventure when the mat is free in the under 81 kilogram class in the preliminaries against Peniamina Percival from Samoa.

Juul Franssen (class under 63 kilograms) already beat Anja Obradovic on an ippon and will face Katharina Haecker in the quarterfinals.

Table tennis · in 2 days

Game, set and match!


Thanks to a great show of resilience in the third round, table tennis player Britt Eerland qualifies for the eighth finals.

She won the last game 11-7 against Egyptian Dina Meshref to complete her comeback after trailing 3-0.

The eighth finals start at 12.30 pm Dutch time.

Table tennis · in 2 days

Game Eerland!


It's one of the most exciting games yet, but Eerland is growing tremendously in this match.

She wins 11-8 and needs one more game.

Swimming · in 2 days


Kaylee McKeown does it at the right time and swims to gold in an Olympic record (57.47).

Toussaint went to the final with the seventh fastest time and also finished seventh with a time of 59.11.

Swimming · in 2 days

Another 50 m -

Toussaint started well, but does not seem to play a significant role in this final.

in 2 days

Swimming · in 2 days


There is the go-ahead and Kira Toussaint has left in lane 1.

Table tennis · in 2 days

Game Eerland!


Eerland fights back into the match and convincingly wins the fifth game: 11-5.

Can the Schiedammer complete her comeback and keep her Olympic dream alive?

Swimming · in 2 days

Meanwhile, in the Tokyo Aquatics Center there is a battle for the medals, with the final of the 100 meter backstroke at 4.51 am.

The start list and qualifying times for the final:

  • Kira Toussaint - 59.09

  • Kathleen Dawson -


  • Kaylee McKeown - 


  • Regan Smith - 


  • Kylie Masse -


  • Rhyan White -


  • Emily Seebohm -


  • Anastasia Gorbenko - 


  • Table tennis · in 2 days

    Game Eerland!


    Britt Eerland gives something back!

    She seems to have thrown off the trepidation and has some good serves: 11-6.

    Table tennis · in 2 days

    Game Meshref!


    An inglorious elimination threatens Britt Eerland.

    She loses 7-11 and now has to win four games in a row.

    Table tennis · in 2 days

    Game Meshref!


    Things are not going smoothly at Eerland, to say the least.

    She is not involved in the second game and loses well: 3-11.

    Table tennis · in 2 days

    Game Meshref!


    Eerland takes a 9-8 lead, but quickly relinquishes it.

    Meshref, the number 36 in the world, has won the first game: 9-11.

    Eerland is the number 28 in the world ranking.

    Table tennis · in 2 days


    Meshref gets the first serve.

    It takes eleven (and a difference of two) points to win a game and the player with the first four games joins the last sixteen.

    Table tennis · in 2 days

    But first we go to table tennis, where Britt Eerland starts her tournament in the third preliminary round against the Egyptian Dina Meshref.

    Swimming · in 2 days

    Kira Toussaint is today the only Dutch swimmer in a final in the pool.

    She participates in the final of the 100-meter backstroke, where she is one of the outsiders for the medal.

    Australian Kaylee McKeown swam an Olympic record (57.88) in the series, which was broken in the semifinals by American Regan Smith (57.86).

    Both are therefore favorites for gold.

    Olympics · in 2 days

    Where will we see the Dutch in action in the coming hours?

    • 3:00 am: table tennis, third round

    • Britt Ireland

    • 3.51 hours: swim final 100 meters back

    • Kira Toussaint

    • 4.00 am: preliminaries of judo

    • Juul Franssen and Frank de Wit

    Olympics · in 2 days

    Incidentally, according to weatherwoman Helga van Leur, the weather is not that bad.

    She does not speak of a typhoon, but of a tropical storm.

    It remains to be seen what the consequences of this storm will be for outdoor sports in the coming hours.

    I keep hearing in the media that a typhoon is approaching Japan (that's the same as a hurricane or hurricane in other parts of the world). But the system is too weak for that classification.

    It is at most a tropical storm.

    With mostly rain and thunderstorms.



    AuthorHelga van Leur ☀Moment of places21:15 - 26 July 2021

    Triathlon in 2 days

    Flora Duffy also gave Bermuda its first gold medal ever at the Games.

    Triathlon in 2 days

    The first Dutchmen have already taken action in Tokyo and it can be seen in this photo, the weather conditions are quite wet in Japan.

    The triathlon started at 6.45 am local time and two Dutchmen were at the start with Maya Kingma and Rachel Klamer.

    Thirty-year-old Klamer advanced in the final 10 kilometer run and finished in a very creditable fourth place.

  • Flora Duffy


  • Georgia Taylor Brown


  • Katie Zaferes


  • Rachel Klamer


  • Leonie Periault +


  • Olympics · in 2 days

    Olympic program July 27: these Dutchmen take action.

    Olympics · in 2 days

    New day New chances!

    We also started the live blog yesterday with this text, but it may be even more relevant today than it was then.

    After an accumulation of disappointments, on the fourth day with sports it is time for a nice boost for the Dutch team.

    The first Dutch athlete to compete in a final is swimmer Kira Toussaint.

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