The Dutch Olympians who are in the quarantine hotel in Tokyo will have to deal with improved conditions.

They may be accompanied by a staff member to a larger room whose windows may be opened.

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The relaxation arose from a consultation that sports umbrella organization NOC * NSF had with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Japanese authorities.

There are a total of six Dutch athletes and supervisors in the hotel.

"We have great admiration for the mental toughness of the athletes and supervisors staying in the quarantine hotel, we are happy to dedicate ourselves to them", says technical director Maurits Hendriks of NOC*NSF, who is pleased that the team has contributed to the thinking process. IOC and the authorities.

"We are very pleased that not long after our consultation it became clear that immediately something would be done about the conditions under which positively tested TeamNL athletes had to go into quarantine. We greatly admire the mental toughness of the members of the team present in that hotel. TeamNL."


Tokyo update: Stricter corona rules are actually too late for TeamNL

Four Dutch athletes tested positive

Tennis player Jean-Julien Rojer became the fourth Dutch athlete with a positive corona test on Monday.

Skateboard star Candy Jacobs was the first Dutch Olympian to quarantine for ten days last week.

Taekwondoka Reshmie Oogink and rower Finn Florijn followed.

An anonymous staff member of the rowing team and rowing coach Josy Verdonkschot were also tested positive.

Except for Verdonkschot, everyone was on the same KLM flight from Schiphol to Japan.

NOC*NSF also received clarity on Tuesday about the departure procedure of the infected Olympians.

"It has been confirmed that a negative test on days six and seven leads to a departure from the hotel and that you can then go home," said Hendriks.

"After ten days you can leave anyway, you don't have to be tested and you can go home. The quarantine as a measure in case of positive tests will remain in place."

Earlier on Tuesday it was announced that all Dutch athletes must adhere to stricter rules because of the risk of contamination.

For example, they have to stay in their room more and they are allowed to come into contact with other people less.

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