Wakako Tsuchida (46), a women's marathon and wheelchair class, has been newly appointed as the representative of Japan for the Tokyo Para-Athletics and track and field, and will participate in the tournament in two competitions together with the triathlon that has already been decided as the representative. rice field.

Forty-four athletes have already been selected as representatives of Japan on the track and field of the Tokyo Paralympics, but the International Sports Federation has given Tsuchida an additional quota, and the Japan Para-Athletics Federation has been appointed as a new representative.

With this, the number of Japanese national teams on land facing the Tokyo Paralympics will be 45, including 25 boys and 20 girls.

Tsuchida is 46 years old from Kiyose, Tokyo.

I had a disability in both legs due to a traffic accident when I was a high school student, and I continued to compete in a wheelchair. I also served as a torchbearer at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on the 23rd of this month.

At the Paralympics, after winning two gold medals at the 1998 Winter Nagano Games, he won the gold medals at the Athens 5000 meters on land, and was the first Japanese player to win both the Summer and Winter Paralympics.

The 8th Paralympic Games in Tokyo has already been represented by a triathlon, and we will be competing in two competitions in the same competition.

Tsuchida commented, "I am full of surprises and emotions. I believe in my potential and want to prepare for the best performance."