China News Service, July 26. Beijing time on the morning of the 26th, the Tokyo Olympics men's three-person basketball game again, with Hu Jinqiu's free throw, the Chinese team finally defeated the Belgium team 21-20 and won the first victory.

  Prior to this, the Chinese team had lost all four games and was the only team that had not won.

In this game, Gao Shiyan, Yan Peng and Hu Jinqiu made the first match on behalf of the Chinese team.

After the start, the Chinese team fell behind 0 to 6, but they did not confuse themselves. After Gao Shiyan made a free throw, the score became 13-level.

Then the game continued to stalemate, and the two sides once fought to be 19 and 20 ties.

At the critical moment, Hu Jinqiu scored a free throw, 21 to 20, the Chinese team lore the opponent.