(Tokyo Olympics) Liao Qiuyun's one kilogram loses in women's 55 kilogram class and finishes runner-up

  China News Service, Tokyo, July 26-In the women's 55 kg weightlifting finals of the Tokyo Olympics on the 26th, Chinese player Liao Qiuyun, who was placed high hopes before the game, lost 1 kg to the Philippines player Diaz and finished second.

Liao Qiuyun is in the game.

  As the champion and world record holder of the 2019 World Championships, Liao Qiuyun, who has just turned 26, is aiming to win this time in Tokyo.

  In the first snatch competition, Liao Qiuyun adopted a relatively safe tactic, continuously lifting 92 kg, 95 kg, 97 kg, while the Philippines player Diaz also lifted 97 kg, Uzbekistan star Nabiyeva in the third. Successfully lifted 98 kilograms in the trial lift, leading the way.

  In the clean and jerk competition, Nabiyeva, who ranked first in the snatch, successfully lifted 114 kg in the second attempt, but failed in the third attempt of 117 kg. The total result was only 212 kg.

  The subsequent championship battle started between Liao Qiuyun and Diaz.

Liao Qiuyun succeeded in lifting 118 kg and 123 kg, but Diaz was equally successful, lifting 119 kg and 124 kg one after another.

In this way, she leads Liao Qiuyun in total score by 1 kg before the third attempt.

  In the last trial, Liao Qiuyun took the lead and successfully challenged 126 kg, and finally finished all the competition with a total score of 223 kg.

Diaz, who played afterwards, successfully lifted 127 kg, leading Liao Qiuyun with a total score of 224 kg, breaking the Olympic record by 1 kg and winning the championship.

  Although he failed to achieve his goal of winning the championship, coach Zhang Guozheng admitted after the game that his disciple's performance was already excellent enough.

He said: "Liao Qiuyun has completed 126 kilograms in the clean and jerk. This is the best result in the recent period. We have worked hard and struggled, and all the conditions have been taken out. We do not regret it." (End)