China News Service, Chengdu, July 26 (Reporter He Shaoqing) "This is the highest score of the (parallel bars project), but it is not the best performance of Yuanyuan (Zou Jingyuan), and it is not even as good as the preliminaries." I saw 15.466 on the TV. With high scores, Cao Zhiguo, the head coach of the Sichuan gymnastics team, who stared at the screen the whole time, had red eyes and sighed.

In Cao Zhiguo's view, this lover who has been with him for 7 years "has not let go" today, and hopes that he will lay down his burden in the next game and easily enter the battle.

  On the same day, in the men's team final of competitive gymnastics at the 32nd Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, the Chinese team won the third place.

The gymnast Zou Jingyuan from Yibin, Sichuan, played without dead ends in the ring event and scored a super high score of 15 points; in the parallel bars event, he completed difficult moves under pressure and scored 15.466 points, which once helped the Chinese team to overtake the total score. The Japanese team.

His coaches, friends, brothers, etc. witnessed this special moment in the gymnastics hall of Sichuan Sports Vocational College thousands of miles away.

  As the "parallel bars king" of the two gymnastics world championships, Zou Jingyuan was selected as a gymnastics seedling by the Yibin Amateur Sports School at the age of 3 and entered the Sichuan Provincial Sports School at the age of 6.

Since 2015, every year, Zou Jingyuan has won gold medals in large-scale gymnastics competitions.

His parallel bars were once evaluated by the Japanese gymnastics legend Uchimura Kohei as "actions that only robots can make."

  "Yuanyuan has been motivated since childhood, able to endure hardships, and has extremely high self-requirements, even if he has minor injuries, he will insist on training." Cao Zhiguo has served as Zou Jingyuan's gymnastics coach for 7 years.

He recalled that when Zou Jingyuan entered the Sichuan gymnastics team, he had a big training session and asked the small players to stand upside down.

Ordinary players can only mention about 20, and Zou Jingyuan mentioned more than 100. It didn't end until the coach called for a stop, when he was only 6 years old.

  In Cao Zhiguo's view, the reason why Zou Jingyuan can achieve such dazzling results in gymnastics is not only because of his hard work, but also because of his heartfelt love for gymnastics.

"It can be seen that he really loves gymnastics. Many children gave up because they were too hard and tired after training for a while. Yuanyuan would cry, but he would still train hard the next day after crying."

  Many Zou Jingyuan brothers also came to the gymnastics hall of Sichuan Sports Vocational College to watch the men's gymnastics team finals that day.

Zhang Yijia is Zou Jingyuan's partner who grew up training and growing up together. He used "talented player" to evaluate Zou Jingyuan.

In his opinion, these three words are the best interpretation of Zou Jingyuan.

  The junior Li Hongyan, who trained with Zou Jingyuan in the national team, also spoke highly of Zou Jingyuan. When Li Hongyan was in poor condition, Zou Jingyuan, a senior, often encouraged him to help him out of the trough. "He will help me in technology and training, so that I have a clearer goal and direction." (End)