On July 24, in the women's 10-meter air rifle final of the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese athlete Yang Qian won the championship and won the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation.

  On July 24, in the men's 10-meter air pistol final of the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese player Pang Wei won the bronze medal.

  On July 25, in the women's 10-meter air pistol final of the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese player Jiang Ranxin won the bronze medal.

  For a while, related topics about shooting once again appeared on the hot search.

Among them, # Myopia can practice shooting? # has attracted the attention of netizens.

  Some netizens said: Do you think that shooting athletes have the vision of a hundred steps through Yang?

Unexpectedly, many shooting athletes are short-sighted.

With a vision of 0.1, still win the championship!

  It seems difficult to imagine that a shooting athlete is actually highly myopic?

However, it is understood that this is basically the case in every shooting team.

  There is no specific rule in the Olympics that says how short-sighted you cannot be.

Wang Yifu, Xu Haifeng, Tan Zongliang, Xu Kun, Qiu Jian, Zhang Penghui, Fei Fengji, Chen Ying... these Chinese sharpshooters have more or less poor eyesight.

  For example, Wang Yifu's eyesight was once as low as 0.1, and he still won the championship at the Athens Olympics.

He himself once joked that his eyesight is almost enough to participate in the Paralympics.

Xu Haifeng.

(Data Map) Photo by Liu Xiaojun issued by China News Agency

  Chinese shooting veteran Xu Haifeng also said that when he won China's first shooting Olympic gold medal, his vision was less than 0.5, which is myopia, but he still achieved a zero gold medal breakthrough in Olympic history for China...

  Similar situations are not uncommon in foreign archery and shooting teams.

The Indian sharpshooter Bindra, who once crushed Zhu Qinan, is also a "spectacle man."

What does the shooting bullseye look like?

Only as big as a coin

  Do you think the athlete can see clearly when looking at the target?

In fact, ten meters away is a vague black spot.

  According to the data of the International Federation of Shooting, the 10-meter air rifle target paper is a square with a total side length of 80 mm.

The ten rings we often say, that is, the bull's-eye of the target paper, are only 0.5 mm in diameter.

  The following is the comparison of target paper and 1 yuan coin↓

Source: Jiangning Public Security Online Weibo

  The 10-meter air rifle target was printed on a piece of A4 paper and placed 10 meters away. The diameter of the first ring of the target paper was only 4.55cm, while the highest point of the 10.9 ring’s bullseye was only 0.5mm in diameter, 10 meters away. It takes only five rings to hit a one-yuan coin.

  Moreover, although the air rifle has a scope, it has no magnification function.

  Feel it together↓

  What do shooting athletes rely on to pierce Yang in 100 steps?

The bull's-eye is so small and so far away that normal people can't see it clearly. How can myopic shooters be so precise that they can't fail?

  "Actually, even if the eyesight is very good, the bullseye cannot be seen clearly during the game." A professional once said that when the marksmen participate in the competition, they rely on feelings instead of shooting at the bullseye as everyone imagined. Hit it.

"In shooting competitions, breathing and heartbeat may have a greater impact on athletes. Why do they wear professional shooting uniforms, take it off very hard, and stand on the ground like a piece of armor? It is to minimize the impact of all aspects. ."

  Xu Haifeng also said that for a shooter, the most important thing is feeling, not vision.

Xu Haifeng also joked with the media that he used to select athletes with poor eyesight.

If your vision is blurred, you will not pay too much attention to the bullseye, but will spend all your energy on maintaining your own balance and stability.

Of course, this is just a joke, but the image location shows the key to the shooting competition.

On July 21st, athletes from the Chinese shooting team are training before the game at the Tokyo Olympic Shooting Hall, Japan.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  Olympic champion Du Li also said that although her eyesight is not a problem, balance and stability are indeed the most important thing for shooting athletes.

For example, Du Li put his right foot on his left foot, closed his eyes and stretched his arms flat. The average person may only stand for tens of seconds, and then he can no longer maintain his balance.

But for professional shooting athletes, standing for a few minutes or even ten minutes is no problem.

  A shooting coach also revealed that if two athletes have similar conditions, he will not simply prefer to choose the other because one of them has poor eyesight.

The picture shows Yang Qian showing love gestures on the podium.

  It is not so much that shooting requires sight and aiming, it is better to say that shooting requires a rock-solid, strong psychological quality and excellent comprehensive skills of athletes.

Behind every wonderful moment is the athlete's hard work and hard work!

  The women's 10-meter air pistol project is China's traditional strength, and talents come out in large numbers in this project.

Tao Luna won the event in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Since then, Guo Wenjun won consecutive championships in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Zhang Mengxue won the only shooting gold medal for the Chinese team at the Rio Olympics.

  Now the glorious baton is in the hands of the younger generation.

In the women's 10-meter air pistol final held on the 25th, Jiang Ranxin picked the bronze, Lin Yuemei ranked fifth, and China missed the fourth consecutive shooting championship.

  Although he failed to win the championship, a bronze medal is equally precious. "I hope that one day I can see my daughter in the Olympic shooting competition." The expectations of Jiang Ranxin's parents and the enlightenment coach were also fulfilled in the Tokyo Olympics.

  Every athlete is amazing!

You are the best!

  Sources of information: China News Network, CCTV Network, Peninsula Morning Post