On the night of the 25th, the Japan National Baseball Team at the Tokyo Olympics played against professional baseball and giants in the final warm-up game before the tournament, and Yuki Yanagita of Softbank, who had been adjusting on a different menu, started in the starting lineup and hit timely. , 6 pitchers did not score and won 5-0.

The Japanese national team played against the giant in the final warm-up game ahead of the Olympic qualifying league starting on the 28th of this month.

Japan took the lead in the infield ground ball once, and Yanagita, who had been adjusting on another menu due to the discomfort of the right flank in the sixth inning, hit a timely hit before the light, adding three points this time. ..

In the 7th inning, Orix's Masataka Yoshida pushed it out in a timely manner.

In the pitching team, starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka carefully threw straight and changing balls into the course, and only 18 pitches up to the second inning, with one hit and no runs.

I volunteered three times and went up to the mound, and when I got two outs with a second goro and a strikeout, I got off the mound.

Then, the second Nippon-Ham Fighter, Hiromi Itoh, and the third pitcher, Chunichi, Yudai Ohno, gave runners but did not give any points.

After that, in the 9th inning, pitcher Ryoji Kuribayashi of Hiroshima beat the three-way pitcher, and won 5-0 with six pitcher relays.

The Japanese national team will move to Fukushima on the 26th and will face the first match against the Dominican Republic on the 28th of this month at the prefectural Azuma Stadium.

Masahiro Tanaka "The team will work together to win the gold medal"

Pitcher Tanaka said, "The official ball is a little different from the ball used in the regular season in Japan, so it was good to know the feeling of that area and the current situation of how I am thrown. I wasn't sure about that, so I think that's not the case. "

And, based on the Beijing tournament 13 years ago when I participated last time, the important thing from now on is "How much I can put out what I have. The environment and opponents I am not used to, so I am the representative of Japan. How much you can exert your strength in a different environment surrounding you? That is the key. "

On top of that, he was enthusiastic about "just working as a team to win the gold medal" for the Olympics.

Yuki Yanagita "I'm okay with my body"

Yanagita said, "I'm okay with my body. I'm glad I got one hit and the team won, rather than not playing at all. It seems that batting is still a long way off, but it takes a little time to fix it in a short period of time. I don't want to do it. I want to do my best to overcome the pressure and tension and get rid of it. "

Giants Hara "The most shining medal"

Tatsunori Hara, the giant who led the Japanese national team and won the 2nd WBC = World Baseball Classic in 2009, said, "I really want to be a Japanese baseball player. By all means, take the most shining medal. I want you to do it. Director Inaba has experience and is the person who knows the team best, so I want you to take the plunge. "

Director Inaba "I was able to play very good baseball."

Japan national team coach Atsunori Inaba said, "Pitcher Tanaka pitched very well and everyone connected with it. I was able to score while giving various signs such as bunts and safety squeeze. I was able to play very good baseball. The batting line worked to some extent, so I would like to take that into account when I go to the actual stage. "

In addition, regarding the fact that Yanagita, who had been adjusting another menu, was started in the starting lineup, he said, "I wasn't sure what to do, but he seemed to have played in the match too much, and I was worried about the actual performance. I wanted to wipe out the anxiety that would disappear. I think that a hit will come out and the person himself will be welcomed in a good way. "