The 24th, the second day of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The "Fukuhiro" pair of Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota, who ranked first in the world in the badminton women's doubles, beat the British pair, who ranked 14th in the world, in the first match of the qualifying league.

Although Hirota was far from in perfect condition with a serious injury on his knee, what they showed was a wonderful cooperative play that never gave up and breathed more than ever.

Hirota's "Severe Injury"

In badminton, where the competition began on the second day, the women's doubles "Fukuhiro" pair that appeared at the end of the Japanese team.

It is the gold medal candidate of the world ranking first place.

However, Hirota, who appeared on the court, wrapped a supporter around his right knee and put on more equipment, which even caused some upset among the people involved in the venue.

In fact, in the middle of last month, when the Tokyo Games were approaching about a month later, Hirota was seriously injured during the training camp for the Japanese national team, injuring the cross ligament of his right knee.

For them, winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Games has been their biggest goal ever since the last Rio de Janeiro Games, when they couldn't qualify.

Although they were finally able to participate in the longed-for stage after a year's postponement, the two opponents who had to take on the challenge were 14th in the world ranking, and it is not easy to win, the British national team with a strong bang. It was a pair of.

More collaboration than ever

At the beginning of the match, it was clear that Hirota tended to delay the backsteps and the left and right movements of the court, covering his injured right knee and moving backwards.

The opponent pair focuses on Hirota and focuses on the front, back, left and right to hit the shot. On the other hand, Fukushima wisely ran around the court and went to the cover to advance the match.

While it seems that he will be driven in as it is, Hirota tends to be delayed in movement, but in the position in front of his specialty, he shoots many shots that jump to the opponent's return ball and accumulate points.

It was the opponent's pair who was suddenly struck by an unexpected counterattack.

Even if the difficult time of being hit by the opponent's attack continues in a long rally, the two will endure hard with their strong defense and will show tenacious play everywhere, such as inviting the opponent's mistakes.

From their facial expressions, we could see that they were more concentrated than usual, and there were almost no mistakes.

What seemed most reliable was that they were playing with a smile during the match. The situation of the burden led to finding a way out in cooperative play that was more breathtaking than ever, and did not give up the lead from beginning to end, taking the first game 21 to 13 and the second game 21 to 14 straight I won.


"I thought I might not be able to stand up once, but I thought I would never give up and stand on the court, so I've been rehabilitating and practicing. which it was. conscious "that you do not make a mistake from myself to endure

Fukushima players

do I," firmly "two people in this tournament, which has been with. the goal was it was good that it is two people ish game" a place called the Dashikire "

always A battle in which two people who have cherished each other's bonds above all by saying "two people" showed their true value. The first day of the tournament ended with a spectacular victory over adversity.