The final of the summer national high school baseball Tochigi tournament was held on the 25th, and Sakushin Gakuin defeated Sano Nihon University High School 3 to 2 and decided to participate in the 16th summer Koshien.

The final of the Tochigi tournament held at the prefectural sports park baseball stadium in Utsunomiya City was a match between Sakushin Gakuin, which aims to participate in 10 consecutive tournaments after the canceled last year's tournament, and Sano Nihon University High School. ..

At Sano Nihon University High School, No. 5 Takumi Aoki hit a timely hit that defeated the two games, scoring one goal.

The chasing Sakushin Gakuin turned around three times by hitting a two-run home run carried by a pinch hitter, Hibiki Aoi, to the light stand.

After that, he was overtaken by Sano Nihon University, but Sakushin Gakuin won the bases loaded with hits and walks in the 7th inning, and then won 1 point on the opponent's wild pitch.

Sakushin Gakuin kept the lead of 1 point as it was, beat Sano Nihon University High School 3 to 2, and decided to participate in Koshien for the 16th time.

This will be the 10th consecutive tournament participation following the previous event.

Sakushin Gakuin captain Kensuke Tashiro said, "I'm glad that last year's tournament was gone and we were able to carry out the goal of going to Koshien for our seniors. I want to play tenacious baseball at Koshien." ..