(Tokyo Olympics) General news: The Chinese Legion collects three more golds and the Chinese women's volleyball team loses their first battle

  China News Service, Tokyo, July 25 (Reporter Wang Zumin) After the 3 golds were received on the first day, the Chinese Army collected 3 more golds on the second day of the official start of the Tokyo Olympics, and continued to temporarily rank first on the gold medal list with 6 gold medals.

  A total of 29 gold medals were decided two days before the Tokyo Olympics.

Except for the Chinese team, which is temporarily at the top of the list, the host Japanese team won 4 golds on the 25th and temporarily ranked second with 5 gold medals.

The US team, which won 4 gold medals, ranked third, and the South Korean team ranked fourth with 2 gold medals.

The other 12 gold medals were divided among 12 delegations.

On July 25, local time, Shi Tingmao (left) and Wang Han at the award ceremony.

On the same day, the women's double three-meter diving final of the Tokyo Olympics was held at the Tokyo Aquatic Center. Chinese combination Shi Tingmao and Wang Han won the gold medal with 326.40 points.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

Diving weightlifting three gold shooting teenager picks silver and bronze

  The Tokyo Olympic diving competition kicked off on the 25th.

In the first women's double springboard finals, two 30-year-old veterans Shi Tingmao/Wang Han performed well and won the gold medal. While achieving the five consecutive Olympic championships for the Chinese team, they also performed the first Olympic Games for the Chinese diving team in Tokyo. Take a solid first step.

  When the weightlifting arena spreads good news again, China Lux has added two more golds.

  In the men's 61 kg competition, Li Fabin won the first men's event gold medal for the Chinese delegation by setting two Olympic records in clean and jerk and total score.

  There was also a breathtaking scene in the game.

When Li Fabin raised the barbell, he actually raised his right leg. This "Golden Rooster Independent" posture that showed absolute strength quickly rushed to the hot search.

After the game, Li Fabin said that he had done similar actions in previous games and training, but he had been criticized by the coach, "I hope everyone will not imitate."

  If Li Fabin wins the championship, then Chen Lijun's gold medal will be thrilling.

  In the men's 67 kg weightlifting finals, Chen Lijun ranked fourth after the snatch, reversing the clean and jerk and winning the sixth gold medal for the Chinese delegation.

  Two days after the official start of the Tokyo Olympics, all three Chinese weightlifting teams won gold medals.

  Gold medals are precious, and medals are expensive.

On the shooting range, two "post-00s" who participated in the Olympics for the first time won two medals for the Chinese Army.

  Due to the particularity of the event, shooting is often a gathering place for "old" players.

However, on the podium of the men’s 10-meter air rifle, a childish teenager stood on the stage—the 16-year-old Chinese teenager Sheng Lihao who had only practiced shooting for 3 years won the silver medal. Another Chinese player, Yang Haoran, won the silver medal. Take the bronze medal.

  In the women's 10-meter air pistol arena, although the Russian players won the championship and ended the Chinese team's three consecutive championships in the event, the "post-00" Chinese teenager Jiang Ranxin won the bronze medal.

The two shooting teenagers are also known as "reserves" for the Paris Olympics.

On the afternoon of July 25th, Beijing time, the Chinese women's volleyball team faced the Turkish women's volleyball team in the first round of the Tokyo Olympic women's volleyball group match.

In the end, the Chinese women's volleyball team was upset 0:3 and lost to the Turkish women's volleyball team. The score of the three rounds was 21:25, 14:25, and 14:25.

The picture shows the Chinese women's volleyball team blocked.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

Chinese women's volleyball team defeated North Bannerman Zhao Shuai missed the final

  The Tokyo Olympics women's volleyball match opened on the 25th. The defending champion Chinese women's volleyball team lost to the Turkish team 0-3 in the first match. The star Zhu Ting only scored 4 points due to injury.

  Before the game, many members of the Turkish team were in isolation because they were close contacts of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia. However, in the game on the 25th, the Turkish team, which had a negative nucleic acid test 6 hours before the game, still all came to the field.

  In this campaign, the Chinese team was in a sluggish state and was passive throughout.

The Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping said after the game that Zhu Ting's injury was serious and his wrists were not strong.

  It is worth mentioning that the head coach of the Turkish team Gudetti was the coach of the Dutch team 5 years ago. He led the Dutch team to defeat the Chinese women's volleyball team in the opening match of the Rio Olympics.

  The defeat of Zhao Shuai, the Rio Olympic champion and the flag bearer of the Chinese delegation, is even more sigh.

  In the men's 68 kg taekwondo semi-finals, Zhao Shuai led the first two rounds. He was overturned by his opponent in the third round. He lost to the British star Hinton 25-33 and missed the final.

  In the Taekwondo women's 57kg class, the 22-year-old Chinese teenager Zhou Lijun also fell short.

In the quarter-finals, she lost to Iranian star Arizad by one point and missed the semi-finals.

Table Tennis Mixed Doubles Finals Chinese Swimming Army Passes Good Results

  The mixed doubles of table tennis, which entered the Olympic Games for the first time, played in the quarter-finals and semi-finals on the 25th. The Chinese combination Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen defeated Romanian and French players with two 4:0 respectively, and successfully advanced.

  In the semi-finals, the hosts Mizutani Hayabusa/Ito Mimaru defeated Chinese Taipei players Lin Yunru/Zheng Yijing 4:1.

Two pairs of the world's strongest mixed doubles will join the finals and compete for the first table tennis mixed doubles gold medal in Olympic history on the 26th.

  The swimming pool gold medal battle started on the 25th.

The Chinese women will break the Asian record for the women's 4x100m freestyle relay and won the seventh place.

The Australian team won the championship and broke the world record, which is also the first world record born in this Olympic Games.

  The first swimming gold medal of this Olympic Games was won by American athlete Khaliz.

He won the men's 400m medley final with a time of 4:09.42.

Japanese player Ohashi Yui won the women's 400m medley championship, and the 18-year-old Tunisian teenager Havenoy upset took the men's 400m freestyle gold medal.

  But for the Chinese swimming team, the bigger gains that day came from the preliminary and semi-finals.

In the semi-finals of the women's 100m butterfly, Zhang Yufei, who bears the hope of winning gold in Chinese swimming, swam 55.89 seconds and broke the "56-second mark" again after the preliminaries on the 24th.

She was also the only player in the semifinals to swim in "56 seconds".

  In the women's 400m freestyle preliminaries, "post-00s" teenagers Li Bingjie and Tang Muhan joined hands to advance. Among them, Li Bingjie ranked second with an Asian record.

In the men's 100m breaststroke semi-finals, Yan Zibei, the third runner-up of the 2019 World Championships, advanced to the final in 4th place.

  In the three-person basketball arena, the Chinese team has good news and bad news.

On the 25th, the Chinese women's team Lienke's 2018 World Cup champion Italy and the world's number one French team have a current record of 3-1.

The Chinese men's basketball team suffered a four-game losing streak after losing to Latvia and the Netherlands.