• The Tokyo Olympics have officially started a few hours ago! 

  • During this first morning (night in France), the Blues saw high hopes for a medal fly away but some outsiders are still vying for a nice surprise. 

  • A little recap of everything you need to know about the events of the night while drinking your coffee this morning. 

From our special correspondent in Tokyo,

Five years that we waited to vibrate in front of the rifle shooting and the windsurfing, that it feels good to be there.

Here is what to remember from the first Tokyo night for all those who get up just now.

The night of the French: Good and less good

We vibrated with Océanne Müller in rifle shooting at 10m, and the Frenchwoman was able to give it back to us for a long time, before finally giving in in the final on two pellets a little less well adjusted than the others when there were still four left. competing for the medal. If the big disappointment came from Shirine Boukli, exit on penalty in judo for a dark story of taking in the pants, Luka Mkheidze achieved a monstrous performance by leaving the Spanish European champion in the golden score before bending his opponent in quarters by a lightning ippon. He will at least play the bronze medal around noon.

🇫🇷🥋 Luka Mkheidze continues the adventure.

The French dominated his Ukrainian opponent Artem Lesiuk thanks to a very nice ippon.

The medal is getting closer for French judo # Tokyo2020

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- France tv sport (@francetvsport) July 24, 2021

On the fencing side, which we are expecting mountains and wonders this week, Coraline Vitalis, however 9th in the world, did not exist in the épée in the first round against a Ukrainian unknown to our services.

Boladé Apithy, also top 10 in the world, did not do better.

What else ?

Herbert and Mahut took the door in the first round in tennis against Murray and I don't know who.

But there is also some good news:

  • Mixed doubles table tennis qualified for the quarter-finals (against Hong-Kong tomorrow).

  • Mixed archery qualified for the quarter-finals against the Netherlands (this morning in France).

  • The victory of handball players in opening against Argentina (33-27)

  • France's Claire Bové and Laura Tarantola clinched their ticket to the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday in two lightweight pairs, finishing first in their series.

The info that gives pleasure

Nine members of the management of the French men's basketball team have been placed in solitary confinement since July 19, considered as "potential contact cases" by the Japanese authorities, after the positive test of a passenger during the flight to Tokyo five days earlier.

No player is however concerned, on the eve of entering the Olympic tournament against the United States, in the shock of group A, in Saïtama north of Tokyo.

Let us add that the players and the staff having been tested every day since their arrival in Tokyo, we can hope that the risk of a cluster among our basketball players is eliminated.

Picture of the day

For a guy who didn't really want to come, Novak Djokovic seems to be having a good time in Tokyo

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