Sunday July 25 - Day 2

The French of the day

Luka Mkheidze opened the way on Saturday, out of the question not to rush into it.

And there is heavy on the agenda today.

In fencing, after the great disappointment of the first day, it's time for épée for the men, where Yannick Borel will try to win the only title he lacks, and foil for the women.

A safe bet department, we advise you not to miss Amandine Buchard in judo in the -52 kg category.

In swimming, the little prodigy Léon Marchand is able to surprise us on the 400m medley.

For the rest, we will have a close eye on our mixed doubles in ping.

Emmanuel Lebesson and Jia Nan Yuan play a place in the last four against the Hong Kong pair Wong-Doo, 5th in the world ranking.

Cotton, but also not unplayable.

To follow the warm-up laps of our surfers (Jérémy Florès, Michel Bourez, Johanne Defay and Pauline Ado), and the beginnings of singles in tennis, with Gaël Monfils, Alizé Cornet and Caro Garcia.

The star of the day

Place this Sunday at the USA team, led by Kevin Durant please.

The entry into the running of the Americans is always an event in the basketball tournament, and the Blues of Nicolas Batum and Rudy Gobert will be in the front row to see that.

See you at 2 p.m. for this beautiful poster.

The medal that we (really) not expect

When you can combine discovery and hope, why not deprive yourself?

Skateboarding is making its debut in the Olympic world tonight, and if we can't afford to sell you a guaranteed medal for Vincent Milou and Aurélien Giraud, their performance will be worth the detour.

If you want to learn more about 180 backsides, Kickflips or 50-50 grinds, now is the time.

We will be there, anyway.

The other events not to be missed

The beginnings of sailing, to be ready when our French win medals.

Because yes, we are announcing it to you, it will happen.

See also what the Blues of football have in store for us against South Africa, after the slap inflicted on entry by Mexico.

And then why not a little water polo, because we do not really know why but we find it kiffant.

Typically the kind of discipline that you only look at at the Games.

The little reading tip that goes well

If you took advantage of the few clearings this Saturday afternoon to go for a walk - and you are quite right - you may have missed this return to the first French medal of the fortnight.

It's time for the make-up session.

Go for it, you won't regret it.


Olympic Games Tokyo 2021: "The history of man is beautiful", Luka Mkheidze, or the most beautiful medal that France could wish for at the opening

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