After the 3-3 draw against Brazil on Saturday at the Olympic Games, the Orange Women are almost certain of a place in the quarter-finals of the Olympic Games, but the team of national coach Sarina Wiegman may meet a very tough opponent.

A confrontation with reigning world champions United States is a real scenario.

The Orange is at the top of Group F, thanks to a better goal difference (+7 at +5) than Brazil.

If the team of national coach Sarina Wiegman also finishes first, it will hit the number two from group G, which is currently the US.

The Orange squad will play the last group match on Tuesday in Yokohama against China, while Brazil will meet Zambia.

The chance that the US will finish second in group H is very high.

If Sweden takes at least one point in the final group match against the already eliminated New Zealand, the American women cannot become first.

Wiegman knows the scenarios.

"I prefer to meet the US a little later in the tournament," she says, without wanting to draw any conclusions.

"But it is dangerous to calculate. And on purpose not to win, we don't do that anyway."

Standings in group E

  • 1. Great Britain 2-6 (+3)

  • 2. Canada 2-4 (+1)

  • 3. Japan 2-1 (-1)

  • 4. Chile 2-0 (-3)

Position group F Stand

  • 1. Netherlands 2-4 (+7)

  • 2. Brazil 2-4 (+5)

  • 3. China 2-1 (-5)

  • 4. Zambia 2-1 (-7)

Group G . position

  • 1. Sweden 2-6 (+5)

  • 2. United States 2-3 (+2)

  • 3. Australia 2-3 (-1)

  • 4. New Zealand 2-0 (-6)

'Orange can also hit Japan or Canada'

If the Orange still finishes second in group F, it must also fear a strong opponent in the quarterfinals.

The Netherlands will then meet the number two in group E and that will be Canada or Japan, the world champion of 2011.

"Those two are also strong," Wiegman says.

"There are a lot of strong countries. Look at Brazil in our group, that is also top level. Anyway, first make sure that we are completely sure of a place in the last eight."

The Netherlands against China starts on Tuesday at 8.30 pm in Yokohama and at the same time the game between Brazil and Zambia will be played in Saitama.

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