The Tokyo Olympics will start in earnest on the 24th, the second day of the tournament, and in Japan, Naohisa Takato won the first gold medal for Japan in the 60 kg class of judo men, and won a total of two medals. Did.


The first Japanese gold medal in this tournament was Naohisa Takato, a 60-kilometer judo boy.

Takafuji has won two consecutive medals, following the bronze medal at the Rio de Janeiro Games last time.

This is the first gold medal for a Japanese player in this class since Tadahiro Nomura at the Athens Olympics in 2004.

In addition, Funa Tonaki won the silver medal in the Judo Women's 48kg class.

Japan won a total of two medals, one for gold and one for silver, in judo, which was expected to receive medals on the second day of the tournament.

The order of the number of medals won in each country / region is

The number of medals won is in descending order of gold medals, including three gold medals and one bronze medal, including the gold medal in the women's air rifle, which is the first shooting in this tournament. There were two in total, one gold medal in Korea, and two bronze medals in total.

Ecuador, Hungary, Iran, Kosovo and Thailand each won one gold medal.

The medal awarded for infection control is "a form that you hang on your neck"

At the awards ceremony of this tournament, we are adopting the form of wearing the medal handed to us as part of the measures against infection with the new coronavirus.

At the awards ceremony for the 48 kg class for women and the 60 kg class for men held on the night of the 24th, the players who were on the podium wore the medals handed by the presenters around their necks.

Of these, Funa Tonaki, a silver medal player, hung the medal around his neck with regret.

Immediately after the awards ceremony, Tonaki said, "I have the feeling that I wanted the most shining gold medal." I hope you saw it, "he recalled.

Naohisa Takato, who won the gold medal in the men's 60 kg class, raised his hands on the podium to express his joy and then hung the gold medal he received on his neck.

After that, Takafuji took a commemorative photo with a smile with a silver medalist and a bronze medalist.

In an interview immediately after the awards ceremony, Takafuji said, "I think it's a dream. I think I couldn't get it by myself, and the people around me supported me so far." ..

He said, "We are aiming for a gold medal in all classes. I think that Hifumi Abe, my younger brother, will do it tomorrow, so please look forward to it."

With Tonaki's medal acquisition, Japan has 500 Olympic medals

Before the Tokyo Olympics, Japan had won a total of 499 medals in gold, silver and bronze from the 1920 Antwerp Games to the 2018 Pyeongchang Games.

On the 24th, Funa Tonaki won the silver medal in the 48 kg class of judo women, and the number of medals that Japan has won at the Olympic Games has reached just 500.