• Emmanuel Macron, on an official visit to Japan since the day before, attended two competitions of the Tokyo Olympics this Saturday. 

  • Present in judo in the morning then in 3x3 basketball in the afternoon, the Head of State unfortunately did not have the opportunity to applaud a French victory. 

  • He will not have time to catch up on Sunday, since he flew at the end of the day for Polynesia.

From our special correspondent in Tokyo,

Risky Business.

On an official visit to Tokyo since Friday for the opening of the Olympic Games, Emmanuel Macron had checked two competitions in his agenda this Saturday.

Lack of pot, the President of the Republic first witnessed the elimination of judokate Shirine Boukli in the first round at Nippon Budokan, where he started his day, then the heavy defeat of the French women's team. 3x3 basketball against the United States in the afternoon (17-10).

In judo a little early

To see him as the black cat of the French delegation would however be a bit harsh. Because in his defense, it is not clear to what other site the President could have gone to observe with pride France which wins. Coraline Vitalis on the sword and Boladé Apithy on the saber lost on their own like the greats in the first round, while they arrived with legitimate ambitions for the podium. Not better with the Mahut-Herbert pair in tennis, boxer Samuel Kistohurry or mixed doubles Valladont-Barbelin in archery.

Perhaps he could at least have applauded Luka Mkheidze's good start to judo, but he had to slip away before the lightweight - ultimately bronze medalist - entered the competition to speak to the Japanese prime minister. Yoshihide Suga.

On the menu of discussions, pandemic, global warming and geopolitical situation in the Indo-Pacific region.

Emmanuel Macron was then to meet with some big business owners to praise the economic attractiveness of France.

Regardless of the results, the mere presence of the Head of State delighted the athletes.

“We know he's been coming for a few days.

I think it's great that he comes to see our discipline, which is booming, enjoyed basketball player Ana Maria Filip on Friday.

I hope we will have the opportunity to thank him in person.


No catch-up session on Sunday

It did.

Emmanuel Macron took the time to congratulate the team for its presence at the Games, and send a message of hope for the future.

"It was the first time that I saw a 3x3 match, it is physically impressive," declared the President of the Republic on RMC.

As I told them, it was the only game they had the right to lose [this loss is not detrimental for a place in the quarterfinals].

The real final, they will win it.


Emmanuel Macron will not have time to catch up on Sunday in swimming or fencing.

He had to fly at the end of the day for Polynesia, where he made his first trip.


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