Anne Schröder has the license to gamble.

She should also take on two or three opponents at the same time.

Should dribble, trick, surprise, conquer rooms that appear blocked.

Because she can.

Because it can have a rousing effect on the German national team.

Because she has this ingenuity on the stick, as they say in hockey jargon, the technical extra class that can wear down opponents and encourage colleagues.

To say that the Olympic well-being of the German national team depends on Anne Schröder's constitution is going too far.

But if the 26-year-old world-class player regularly brought in her ability to decide a game with one or two actions, that would help the ambitious German team a lot.

"I can give the team a lot"

After the somewhat surprising win of the bronze medal in Rio in 2016, in which Anne Schröder was involved as a regular, the German women's selection traveled to Tokyo with the clear ambition of winning a medal.

With Anne Schröder as manager.

“This role gives me a lot, and I can give a lot to the team,” says the athlete who grew up in Mainz and is a product of the youth work of the Rüsselsheim RK.

The greatest RRK talent for years, Pauline Heinz, is in Tokyo as a substitute accredited member, only slipping into the squad in the event of a failure.

Anne Schröder still knows the 20-year-old from times on the facility on Sommerdamm, when she was jumping around with the “mini” teams.

In the team that became Olympic champion in Athens in 2004, there were three women from Rüsselsheim.

They were Anne Schröder's inspiring role models to touch.

Before the highly talented took off herself - first in the home club and then at the club on the Alster in Hamburg, at a top address in this country.

Most important showcase

Anne Schröder has already participated in various large tournaments, from the junior selection teams to the national team, and has already seen many teams with their respective special structures and vibrations. The current Olympic year - the games are by far the most important showcase in hockey and hockey - describes the 178-time national player (25 goals) as “homogeneous and harmonious with some rather introverted players. We are neither old nor young, so many players are playful and athletic at the height of their abilities. We have known each other for a long time through several joint tournaments and are very well established. "

Anne Schröder is there to ensure that it doesn't get too calm and harmonious. Feeding motivation and emotion into the structure is one of her areas of responsibility. Sometimes verbally shaking up, against the rut, sometimes polarizing - “It's in my nature to question things. The role is of course not always highly regarded, ”she says with a smile.