Women's 10-meter air rifle player Yang Qian won the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation.

  China News Service, Beijing, July 24th (Reporter Xing Rui) On the morning of the 24th, Beijing time, Chinese "post-00" teenager Yang Qian won the championship in the women's 10m air rifle final, helping the Chinese delegation win the Olympic Games. The first gold medal on the game.

  In each Olympic Games, the first gold medal of the delegations of various countries is always particularly eye-catching.

Looking back on the past few Olympic Games, shooting, swimming, diving, judo and other venues have given birth to the first Olympic gold medal of the Chinese delegation.

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In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Xu Haifeng won the Chinese delegation's first gold drawing: Cui Yanyan.

  In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Chinese athlete Xu Haifeng won the gold medal in the men's gun shooting competition with a score of 566.

While successfully winning the first gold for the Chinese delegation, he also became the first Chinese athlete to win an Olympic gold medal.

  When "The March of Volunteers" was played at the Olympics for the first time, Samaranch, then chairman of the International Olympic Committee, said to Xu Haifeng: "Today is a great day in the history of Chinese sports. I can personally award this gold medal to China. It's an honor to be an athlete."

  Xu Haifeng rewrote the history of China without an Olympic champion in one shot.

His success also opened a new page in the Chinese Olympics.

The significance of this Olympic gold medal has long gone beyond the scope of sports.

Being able to win the Olympic Games, which symbolizes the highest level, not only broke foreigners’ perceptions and impressions of China in the past, but Chinese sports also took this opportunity to embark on the road to revival.

In the 1988 Seoul Winter Olympics, Xu Yanmei won the women's 10-meter platform championship. Drawing: Cui Yanyan

  In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Xu Yanmei, who was only 17 at the time, met with American star Mitchell in the women's 10-meter platform final.

  With the scores of both sides very close, Xu Yanmei, known as the "Oriental Ruby", withstood the pressure and completed the final jump with a nearly perfect action.

Won the first gold medal in the Olympic Games for the Chinese delegation.

At the Barcelona Olympics, Zhuang Yong won the women's 100-meter freestyle championship.

Drawing: Cui Yanyan.

  At the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympic Games, an arrow crossed the starry sky and lit the Olympic flame.

Like this sword, the Chinese delegation broke the record of zero gold medals in many events at the 1992 Olympics.

  What is most refreshing is that in the women's 100-meter freestyle final, Chinese player Zhuang Yong and then world record holder Thompson went hand in hand, and the fanatical American audience in the stands made deafening shouts.

But Zhuang Yong finally beat his opponent to win the championship with 54.64 seconds, rewriting the history of the Chinese swimming team's zero gold medal in the Olympics.

And this gold medal was also the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation in that Olympic Games.

At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Sun Fuming won the championship in women's judo class over 72 kg.

Drawing: Cui Yanyan.

  Women's judo major events have also won the first gold honor for the Chinese Army in the Olympics.

In the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games women's soft category finals above 78 kg, Chinese player Sun Fuming defeated British, German, and Russian players all the way to the finals with Cuban star Rodriguez.

  After the start of the game, Sun Fuming boldly attacked and quickly gained the advantage on the field.

Before the end of the game, she seized the other side's flaws and won the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation in the competition in one fell swoop.

At the Sydney Olympics, Tao Luna won the women's 10-meter air pistol championship. Drawing: Cui Yanyan.

    For the Sydney Olympics, the shooting event once again played the role of the Chinese team's "road pioneer".

    Tao Luna, who participated in the Olympics for the first time, withstood pressure from all quarters. In the women's 10-meter air pistol final, she reached the championship podium with a 488.2 ring and helped the Chinese delegation to win the first gold in Sydney.

Du Li, the first gold winner of the Chinese delegation at the Athens Olympics.

Drawing: Cui Yanyan.

  After winning the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Tao Luna's competitive status began to decline.

At the Athens Olympics, as the Olympic champion, she finally fell outside the finals.

  However, the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation still came from the shooting project.

In the women's 10m air rifle final, Chinese player Du Li won the 502 ring and broke the Olympic record.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Pang Wei low-key won the first gold of the Chinese delegation.

Drawing: Cui Yanyan

  In Beijing in 2008, China dedicated an unparalleled Olympic Games to the world.

At that time, Pang Wei, a relatively inexperienced shooter, won the men's 10-meter air pistol championship in one fell swoop and won the first gold medal of the Chinese team at home.

  After winning the gold, he said: "In this competition, I put myself very low, just to fight. In the end, I don't think too much about how much I will play, but I just do what I should do well."

In the 2012 London Olympics, Yi Siling, the first gold winner of the Chinese team.

Drawing: Cui Yanyan.

  At the London Olympics, the Chinese shooting team has emerged many rookies.

Known as Du Li's successor, Yi Siling won the first gold medal in the Rio Olympics with a total score of 502.9 in the women's 10-meter air rifle final.

  When she stepped off the field, Yi Siling was relieved, and tears burst into her eyes: "I was so excited, I finally completed the mission given to me by the country."

Zhang Mengxue, the first gold winner of the Chinese delegation at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Drawing: Cui Yanyan.

  Four years later in Rio, Yi Siling began the journey of defending the title as the top seed.

However, during the training, Yi Siling's pistol went wrong, and she finally missed the chance to win the first gold for the Chinese delegation.

  When Yi Siling ended his unsatisfactory trip to Rio, the rookie Zhang Mengxue, born in 1991, was a dark horse in the shooting competition and won the gold medal of the women's 10-meter air pistol in one fell swoop.

This also became the first gold medal of the Chinese delegation in the last Olympic Games.

  After the Chinese Olympic athletes won their first gold in the Tokyo Olympics, the number of medals for the Chinese delegation will continue to increase as the schedule progresses.

We also hope that Chinese athletes can show their style and level in Tokyo.