According to the results of the talent fair, 29 Russians were selected.

Round one - Fedor Svechkov (Nashville Predators with a total of 19 picks).

Round two - Prokhor Poltapov Buffalo Sabers, 33), Daniil Chaika (Vegas Golden Knights, 38), Ilya Fedotov (Arizona Coyotes, 43), Artem Grushnikov (Dallas Stars, 48), Nikita Chibrikov ( Winnipeg Jets, 50) and Alexander Kisakov (Buffalo, 53).

Round three - Kirill Kirsanov (Los Angeles Kings, 84), Dmitry Kostenko (Montreal Canadiens, 87) and Steven Sardaryan (Buffalo, 88).

Round 4 - Vladislav Lukashevich (Florida Panthers, 120).

The fifth round - Nikolay Makarov (Columbus Blue Jackets, 132), Artem Guriev (San Jose Sharks, 135), Daniil Sobolev (Montreal Canadiens, 142), Dmitry Rashevsky (Winnipeg Jets, 146), Kirill Gerasimyuk (Florida, 152).

This result has become the best since 2003.

Then 30 Russian hockey players were selected.

The record is 42 Russians in 2000.

Earlier, "Nashville" chose the Russian Svechkov in the first round of the NHL draft.