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OPENING CEREMONY OF THE TOKYO Olympic Games (start at 1 p.m., French time)


Yes, football competitions (hello Sylvain Ripoll!), Softball and other disciplines have already started.

But the Tokyo Olympics officially kick off this Friday in the aptly named Olympic Stadium.

Like the rest of these Games, the opening ceremony will take place behind closed doors, or more exactly in front of some 950 lucky and lucky guests and journalists, including the spirited Julien of

20 Minutes


Which is roughly the same in a 68,000-seat enclosure.

We are promised a “sober” and “very Japanese” ceremony, which means both everything and nothing.

But hey, it is the characteristic of this type of event to reserve surprises for us.

»WE WILL MEET AT 12:45 pm (French time of course, that is to say 7:45 pm in Tokyo)

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