China News Service, July 23. According to Japanese media reports on July 23, Beijing time, in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics to be held at 19:00 Beijing time tonight, the Chinese Olympic delegation will enter the 108th place.

  According to the latest order of appearance, Greece will be the first to play, and host Japan will be the last.

According to the new rules, the hosts of the next few Olympic Games will be counted down, and the United States and France will be ranked third and second from the bottom respectively.

  It is worth noting that the refugee delegation made its 124th appearance.

The Russian Olympic Committee team made the second appearance.

  The order of appearance of the remaining delegations will be arranged in the order of the Japanese "Kana syllabary".

The Chinese delegation will take the 108th place. The Chinese women's volleyball team leader Zhu Ting and the Taekwondo Olympic champion Zhao Shuai will serve as the standard bearers of the Chinese Olympic delegation.