Do you remember the 'muscular Tongan man' who captured the world's attention at the Rio Olympics opening ceremony five years ago? At the opening ceremony, which will be held shortly, he asked us to look forward to the 'best show'.

Reporter Ha Seong-ryong met with us.


At the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics, Taekwondo athlete Taupatofua rose to stardom by appearing with a Tonga flag with a lot of oil on his strong muscles.

At the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Olympics, where he participated as a cross-country athlete, he once again took off his shirt despite the severe cold.

Taupatofua, who is returning to Taekwondo and going on the third Olympic stage,

[Pita Taupatofua/Tonga Taekwondo National Team: (Hello) Hello]

This opening ceremony will also surprise the world and foretell a 'surprise show'.

[Pita Taupatofua/Tonga Taekwondo National Team: Please watch the opening ceremony. We will present the 'best show'.]

Taupatofua, who first participated in the Olympics at the age of 33 and challenged taekwondo, skiing, and kayaking, says that the reason for her challenge is to give hope to young athletes.

[Pita Taupatofua/Tonga Taekwondo National Team: Keep trying even if you fail. Don't listen to other people and do what your heart tells you.]

Just as in the Rio Olympics, we only got one point and lost the first round with a bright smile, so we are continuing our happy challenge in Tokyo.

[Pita Taupatofua/Tonga Taekwondo National Team: If you get 2 points in Tokyo, you did twice as well as in Rio. If you try to develop little by little, you will eventually achieve what you want.] Although the

Tokyo Olympics opens in a gloomy atmosphere, the passion of 'Tonga muscular man' Taupatofua is still burning hot.

[Pita Taupatofua/Tonga Taekwondo National Team: Thank you. Taekwondo fighting!]