Argentine football teams traveling outside are in principle exempt from quarantine measures.

But the authorities ruled that the players of Boca Juniors, eliminated Tuesday from the Copa Libertadores, had not been able to respect the health bubble during their trip to Brazil, concluded by incidents.

🔚 Final del partido

⚽ Atlético Mineiro 0 (3) - #Boca 0 (1)

➡️ Atlético Mineiro avanza a los cuartos de final.

- Boca Juniors (@BocaJrsOficial) July 21, 2021

Boca players and managers were released on bail Wednesday after twelve hours in police custody in Brazil, following serious incidents following their elimination in the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores by Atlético Mineiro.

They returned to Argentina the same evening.

A match normally scheduled for Saturday

Eliminated on penalties Tuesday night after a 0-0 draw as in the first leg, players and managers of the Argentine club, unhappy to have been refused a goal in the second half, caused a general fight and destroyed furniture in the tunnel leading to the changing rooms.

Boca should in principle play Saturday in the Argentine league against Banfield and the following Tuesday against San Lorenzo.


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